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Fall Is In The Air! Home Décor Ideas For Fall

As the fall season is quickly approaching, many businesses and homes around Orange County are getting ready to decorate for the season. No matter if you’re a Halloween lover or you’re into autumnal themes and colors, we have all the best ideas for decorating your home in a way you’ll love.

While we want to highlight the ideas you can make using things already in your own home, it would be a crime not to mention some of the places in Orange County you can go to buy, or even make, some truly beautiful décor for your home.

Home Décor Ideas For Fall

Halloween Décor Ideas

One of everyone’s favorite holidays in the fall is Halloween! Whether you’re the kind of person to go out and trick or treat or stay home and give out your favorite kind of candy – everyone can agree that Halloween brings out some of the best décor imaginable!

As far as Halloween décor goes, you have two main options: horror or completely kitschy. Once you’ve chosen what style you’re going for, there are an infinite number of ways to branch off from there. So let’s dive into the best base inspirations for you to make your own!

Scary Outside Décor

Starting out with the spooky décor ideas, these decorations will thrill and delight anyone who comes by the house! And if you want to add an extra scary touch to the atmosphere on Halloween night, bribe a family member or friend to dress up as a decoration and scare the older trick-or-treaters!

This archway is a great show of craftsmanship with some basic supplies from the craft store. With a collection of pumpkins in various shapes and sizes and “aged” with black and brown paint, and glued into the arch shape, you have a decoration that is sure to catch the eye of everyone walking past. The green cobwebs and skeleton behind really complete the creepy look!

Another pumpkin heavy look, this can be made even creepier with blood splatters and spiders along the white cobwebbing and pumpkins! Other customization options include painting the pumpkins like the arch from above, changing out the lights inside of the pumpkins, and even adding skeletons into the mix (or replacing the pumpkins with skeletons!)

Rounding out the spooky outside décor is an arachnophobes nightmare! This giant spider set up right near your front door will welcome every visitor with a glowing red stare. We recommend spicing this up with tiny spiders all around the surrounding area to really bring it all together.

Scary Inside Décor

Starting off strong, this hallway décor will send chills up family and friends’ spines as they head through the house. We recommend theming the rest of the house in similar colors and styles, but we love seeing homes that have each room broken up into different themes and styles!

In equal parts spooky and stunning, this entryway is a Halloween lover’s dream. If you don’t have a chandelier, you can put the cobwebbing anywhere else in the entryway that you want to make more festive to help pull everything together nicely!

Cute Outdoor Décor

Moving on the more cute and kitschy looks! These decorations are sure to be crowd pleasers – just keep in mind that you might end up with a line of trick-or-treaters stopped in front of your house wanting to take plenty of pictures!

Perhaps our favorite of all the ideas we’re highlighting, these tombstones let you embrace your punniest self! If you need extra inspiration for what to put on your tombstones, the Haunted Mansion ride at both Disneyland and Disney World have some great options to get the ball rolling!

This is a classic option that everyone loves! Not only can you have your skeletons doing sidewalk chalk, you can have them enjoying some apple cider on the patio, roasting marshmallows on a faux campfire, or even watching in lawn chairs as trick-or-treaters pass by! The possibilities are endless!

One option that will delight everyone is this adorable set up! Other ways to customize this feature include adding brooms, changing up the positions of the legs, or even coming up with your own creative ideas of what the bushes might look like in a school for different monsters!

Cute Inside Décor

This decoration is hilarious and adds a special touch to your bathroom during the Halloween season! While there are more scary decals to place on the toilet, we’re quite fond of the more funny and cute decals they have available!

If you have a fireplace and mantlepiece that you don’t mind not using for the fall season, this decoration idea will be a great centerpiece for your home decorations! While the black bow ties everything up nice, we also think that bat decals could add an elegant and themed touch to the rest of the look.

DIY Fall Décor Ideas

Although some of the ideas above can be DIY-ed or made from scratch, we’re going to look at a few of the easiest DIY fall decors you can make yourself, including both autumnal options and spooky Halloween ideas!

This DIY is incredibly simple and is a fantastic idea for a family crafting day! The poster who came up with these adorable pumpkins got all the supplies from the Dollar Store, including the intricate bow! You can take the kids with you to choose their own bow and paint, or present them with several at home to choose from! All you need are oval-shaped paper plates, some paint, a glue stick, and the bow of your choice!

A spooky and adorable option to DIY, this mason jar skeleton is almost adorable enough to keep as a companion all year round! Many online retailers and craft stores will have everything you need to make these. You’ll need a miniature skeleton, a mason jar, string lights, and some craft mulch to layer on the bottom! The great thing about this jar is you can add extra goodies for your little skeleton friend so they can feast to their heart’s desire!

We absolutely adore this scarecrow glass block! There are so many ways you can make the scarecrow’s face, including permanent markers, stickers, and even painting the face on! If you want to add a unique touch, you can even pour corn into the block.

Perhaps one of the most popular Halloween décor ideas that was trending in the past few years is this incredibly simple candle bunch! All you need is pool noodles, string, hot glue, fake candles, and spray paint in the color of your choice! We recommend choosing a lighter colored pool noodle or spray painting with a white base if you’re choosing a color other than black.

This is an incredibly simple and understated option, but an absolutely gorgeous one nonetheless. Over the year, you can collect leaves from all your favorite places and have an ever-changing décor item from year to year!

Fall Décor Trends

While trends are continually changing and evolving, there are some things that you can be certain will make any fall décor this season a crowd pleaser! From earthy tones to brushed metals, here’s what to look for in the upcoming fall season!

Earthy Tones

There has been a great deal of popularity this year with earthy tones in decorating, but it is especially popular in fall decorations. As you can see from the above examples, there are a number of different ways that these tones can work in your home to enhance the autumnal theme.


Adding textures to your décor is another fantastic trend for fall that is sure to be a hit! When you play with textures in your décor, such as the examples above, you can allow each piece to stand out on its own.


While plaids are a fall staple from year to year. Whether you’re incorporating handmade items from shops like the plaid apples above or using plaid patterned blankets to tie the entire room together, you can’t go wrong with using this simple yet evocative pattern to liven things up!


Lastly, we have woven décor. The great part about this décor is that it’s incredibly DIY friendly to everyone! You can take twine and wrap up jars, pumpkin stems, and more, without needing any special skills or really even much practice. The woven pattern is especially popular with wreaths and there’s no question as to why! They’re incredibly gorgeous, and make a lovely art piece no matter what you put in them!

Places To Get Fall Décor In Orange County

Roger’s Gardens

2301 San Joaquin Hills Road, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Open daily 9AM – 6PM

You will find Roger’s Gardens in the heart of Corona Del Mar, which offers an incredible variety of fall decorations and plants – both for the inside of your home as well as the outside. If you’re looking for a way to bring a natural touch to your fall décor, you can’t go wrong here!

Aside from the phenomenal décor choices available at Roger’s Gardens, they also offer seasonal classes so that you can use your garden as part of making your home as autumn friendly as possible. In addition to their gardening classes, they also host arts and crafts classes where you can take home your beautiful creations!

Open Market OC

Huntington Beach: 21028 Pacific Coast Highway, E200 (In Pacific City)
Brea: 1065 Brea Mall
Long Beach: 6420 E Pacific Coast Highway

Open Market OC is like your local farmers market on a whole new level! Hosting over 300 vendors across their three locations, you never know what you’ll find that will perfectly suit your home!

Additionally, the Open Market OC also hosts a wide variety of classes throughout the year where you can learn how to make a variety of home decorations, including things made from resin, macrame, and even classes on painting!


Laguna Beach: 295 Forest Avenue

San Clemente: 222 N. El Camino Real

Located in Laguna Beach, Tuvalu has been serving Orange County with gorgeous décor for almost twenty years! They truly have everything you might want to spruce up your home for the season, from chairs and side tables to lighting fixtures and wall art!

While prices might be a little bit higher here than in other places, you can rest assured that this is a result of Tuvalu putting only the best into all of their furniture and décor. If you’re looking for something extra special and personal, they also offer Tuvalu “Design TuGo” services online where you will receive expert advice online providing you with design consulting and decorating packages.

Chestnut And Fig

While Chestnut and Fig might not have much to offer in the way of décor, if you want to make your house smell like fall there is no better place to go! Based out of San Clemente, this family business offers a wide assortment of candles and room fragrances. In particular, their Bohemia scent fills the room with the nice warmth of ginger, and if you want to go full fall flair there’s no better option than their Pumpkin Spice candle!

In Conclusion

No matter if you make or buy your fall decorations, you can’t go wrong with any of the options above! Whether you’re drinking a pumpkin spice latte, hot cocoa, or apple cider, or just inviting some loved ones over, you can embrace the cooler weather by decorating your home and welcoming in the new season with style.

If you try any of the décor ideas mentioned, let us know by tagging us on Instagram at our handle @enjoyorangecounty or use the hashtag #EnjoyOC to be featured on our page!

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