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We’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, but have Orange County residents heard of the Platinum Triangle in Anaheim? What about the ARTIC transit center in Anaheim? Anaheim is the entertainment hub of Orange County and there is a huge, transformational project underway in the Platinum Triangle.

The 820-acre area surrounding the Honda Center and Angels Stadium, is called the Platinum Triangle. It’s an up-and-coming entertainment area that also includes The City National Grove Theatre, the Santa Ana River Trail and trendy bars and restaurants. This Platinum Triangle zone is sprinkled with upscale apartment living, better restaurants and streets are decorated with Angels Baseball banners.

Half of the area is part older industrial, outdated business parks and forgettable strip centers, but you’ll see spots of new luxury townhomes and residences. Pedestrians are sparse and we only saw one bicycle rider at a lonely crosswalk.


ARTIC is the acronym for Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center. We will make it easy, it’s that vibrant colorful cocoon shaped thing that calls your attention from both sides of the 57 freeway. The ARTIC has Trains, Metro Link and OCTA transportation. It’s an impressive architecture that has, unfortunately, unperformed since its opening in 2014.

Anaheim is planning an amazing, dynamic venture with the Samueli Family. The Samueli family is the owner of the Anaheim Ducks and operator of the Honda Center. This new development will transform the Samueli’s control of 115- acres into a one-of-a-kind, mixed use master community.

Aside from the Angel Stadium and Honda Center, the Platinum Triangle doesn’t call many destination visitors or beacon Orange County residents. That’s all about to drastically change. This new endeavor proposes to be the premier cultural gathering center and point of entertainment for Orange County and beyond.

This 4-billion-dollar plan is a revolutionary planned community that includes new live entertainment venues, retail, dining, and shared public amenities. The 95-acre district will feature mixed-income residential living units, technology driven office space, upscale retail and fine hotels. The vision from its inception was to design a meaningful, sustainable, and balanced community. This vision calls for a unique community that is accessible to all and unites the many cultures of Orange County.

Welcome to the OCVibe

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OCVibe at a Glance

This proposed 95-acre, mixed-use ocV!BE development will feature:

  • 230,000 square feet of retail including 30+ restaurant concepts and a market hall featuring diverse offerings
  • A sustainable community emphasizing walkability, health and wellness, and lifestyle amenities
  • A 5,700-capacity concert venue
  • Uniquely themed and intimate clubs
  • 1.1+ million square feet of office space, including a new 325,000-square foot office tower
  • 1,500 residential units, including a commitment of 15% affordable housing units
  • 20 acres of public space including four unique plazas
  • 10 acres of publicly accessible parks including a 4-acre wellness park and a 5-acre riverfront park
  • 30+ restaurant concepts, including a food hall with diverse offerings and multiple standalone restaurants
  • Two hotels, consisting of 550 rooms total, thematically aligned with the energy of the district
  • 8,000+ parking spaces among several structures, new roads and increased capacity to enhance ingress/egress
  • More than 10,000 new construction jobs and more than 3,000 permanent jobs upon completion

The OCVibe is a revolutionary destination that empowers people through place and celebrates everyone through shared experiences and inclusivity. Its first phase is set to open in 2024 and to be completed by 2028, just in time for the Honda Center to host the Olympic Indoor Volleyball Games. OCVibe was developed intentionally to bridge people to nature, culture, and a purposeful living. Simply put, it’s an exclusive place for all walks of life.

OCVibe proposes to hit many targets, one being to make art and entertainment more accessible to local residents in Orange County. It will spotlight sports and live entertainment with four world-class indoor and outdoor venues, with the Honda Center as its anchor. The Honda Center will host top touring events with the 18,000-seat venue.

OCVibe will create a fan experience like no other in the world and host over 600 entertainment events including sports events, music festivals, and community activities year-round. It will feature a new 6,000-capacity concert venue, and several intimate entertainment venues. A 68,000 square foot food hall, offering distinct cuisine, is also planned for OCVibe. It will feature 30+ restaurant concepts and eclectic stand-alone eateries.

This master plan will also connect the neighboring region’s growing interest in the Anaheim Resort District and the Anaheim Convention Center. The intent is to create a destination that encourages Anaheim tourists and conventioneers to stay for dining, shopping, and entertainment. The master community will feature ample parking and no gate fees, a relief to OC residents after exorbitant parking fees seem to be popping up at many venues, Downtown Disney being one.

Access to OCVibe will be seamless and have various options. OCVibe will have four parking structures with 8,000+ parking spaces and will also encourage visitors to opt for alternative transit like bus and rail using the ARTIC.

OCVibe has deliberately designed a community destination that uses a network of pretty pathways and bridgeworks to access the venue and to be used within it. A landmark pedestrian bridge over Katella Ave. has been designed for patrons to safely walk from ARTIC to the Honda Center. To help eliminate vehicle trips to the Honda Center, a game changing feature is the Paseo. The Paseo is a unique, inviting pedestrian walkway made possible by closing a portion of Douglas Road. Ride sharing areas are also available throughout OCVibe.

Hotel Accommodations

The OCVibe master plan also includes two new luxury hotels, totaling 550 rooms. Both hotels are impressive and designed to reflect the energy of this new district. Tourist and guests will be able to experience all the options OCVibe has to offer and easily walk back to the Meadow Hotel in Meadow Park or the South Plaza Hotel located in the South Plaza area.

Living At OCVibe

OCVibe is a place that successfully combines sustainable living units with a true transit-oriented community. It will feature 2,800 residential apartment units with 15% dedicated to affordable housing. Throughout the planned development, residents will be able to enjoy 20-acres of open space, parks and several pathways to neighboring retailers, venues, and office space.

OCVibe is designed to be the optimum live, work, and play community never before seen in Southern California. Residents and visitors will relish in the use of purposeful public spaces and multiple urban parks, all being deliberately linked via walkways and trails. OCVibe is designed to be an immersive neighborhood dedicating 100 acres to amenities that promote life connections.

OCVibe will feature four distinctive public plazas each with its own purpose and vibe. The Urban Park Plaza West will feature the landmark 50,000 square-foot mixed use office and Market Hall building, the new 5,700-capacity concert venue, and the Paseo promenade. The Market Hall’s focus will showcase the marriage of OC heritage and regional flavors. OCVibe is also a hospitality focused destination where Orange County culture is celebrated through cuisine. Its restaurants are designed by upper echelon chefs and newcomers with an acute gastronomic vision. OCVibe’s Market Hall will be a leader in culinary equity and sustainability. Market Hall will be a diverse display of local to global favorites; featuring authentic to modern and traditional to fusion.

Sports & Entertainment

The Hub of sports activities will be at the Southern Plaza; the standout being the Honda Center and the Anaheim Ducks. Entertainment is the heart of this new venue. OCVibe will host sporting events and unrivaled artist performances at the various state-of-the-art venues.

The aim of the Northern Plaza is to highlight the boutique entertainment venues. Surrounding OC communities are able to come together and enjoy hundreds of unique community events. The Northern Plaza will have a vibrant night life featuring specialty themed clubs and various platforms for smaller artists and cultural events.

The Eastern Plaza will be home to special seasonal festivals with garden terraced seating. At The Eastern Plaza, residents can enjoy outdoor artwork exhibits and scenic repose. The Eastern Plaza is the perfect place for a meet cute or first date. All parks inside OCVibe will represent its own subsection allowing visitors and residents to choose their own experience in food, health and entrainment. All parks and green spaces are accessible to the public and are connected by a trail system, including a 3-mile loop with access to the Santa Ana River trails. A 5-acre meadow park designed for public recreation will be located in front of ARTIC and OCVibe has integrated a 4-acre park dedicated to wellness and nature. OCVibe’s commitment to landscaped parks for public use is laudable and open spaces are smartly integrated to promote community connections. Everything was designed with the future in mind.

Business at OCVibe

The Arena Corporate Center will be converted into an accessible oasis where residents and workers will have access to amenities focusing on health. It’s an exciting, never seen before concept in Orange County. Developers are anticipating the draw of top employers and corporations to OCVibe. An amazing 325,000-square foot office building will anchor smaller existing office spaces as well. It will be a coveted location totaling more than 1.1 million square feet, luring the best employers.

The economic impact will be fortuitus and beneficial while consciously keeping burdensome traffic and congestion at bay with a truly unique walkable transit design. It’s an incredible feat to mitigate gridlock with such an enormous master planned community, but developers have made it beautiful and seamless to navigate through OCVibe.

Naturally, the economic impact and benefits on local Orange County cities are forecasted to be tremendous and lucrative. The commercial, residential, and tourist traffic will certainly fill the coffers. Imagine the employment of more than 5000+emplyees onsite during working hours and 3000+ OCvibe permanent jobs alone.

OCVibe will easily attract tourists and locals to shop popular retailers and dine with upmarket restaurants drawing them away from traditional brick and motor shopping centers. There will be no comparison for the ultimate live, work, and play location. And with Southern California, location is everything.

The vision of the Platinum Triangle by the Samueli Family in close collaboration with Dan Young, former president of The Irvine Company Community Development, has been years in the making and has finally come to fruition. The plan calls for 10,000 new construction jobs alone and OCVibe has been forecasted to bring in more than $400 million in annual reoccurring dividends. The project will request no rebate or subsidy of General Fund tax revenues. Tax revenue will aid in Anaheim’s commitment to public safety while rebuilding and investing in surrounding neighborhoods. The OCVibe Project Team is in the last phases of project application approval and scheduled to commence the first phase by the end of 2022. It will progress in stages to mitigate impact of guests attending events at the Honda Center.

OCVibe Design

OCVibe is an amazing combination of a lesser neon lighted Universal City Walk, the beauty of The Grove in Los Angeles, and the entertainment luxury of Las Vegas. The renditions feature stunning architectural buildings like the impressive metal shingle designed bar called Stretto Bar. Stretto Bar is cool and amazingly futuristic. The Paseo is a lavishly landscaped board walk outshining a similar concept at Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Prominade. The Weave is a perfect name for the twin buildings because they truly resemble a traditional rattan market basket. The Weave will serve as a mixed-use office space.

Orange County’s OCVibe will surpass anything comparable in Southern California. It’s a euphoric place to visit, live and work. OCVibe is committed to inclusion and embraces OC diversity. Every aspect of design and function is for the purpose of living with luxury, beauty, and commitment to community interactions. Convivence, without compromising dedication to esthetics, has been captured By OCVibe developers. The vision of unifying Orange County’s differences with similarly desired lifestyles, once thought unachievable, has been accomplished here with OCVibe.

OCVibe is an ecosystem that offers something for everyone and encourages the discovery of a modern-day Shangri-la. And Orange County residents will finally have a wonderful reason to personally visit and use that beseeching Anaheim ARTIC, beckoning us all with its vibrant light show along the 57 freeway.

What is the OCVibe Vision

  • To offer a one-of-a-kind master community designed for mixed-living and resort style entertainment for everyone
  • To be a desired place to live that incorporates vibrant community living while celebrating Orange County’s diversity
  • Exist as a live, work, play ecosystem curated for everyone to enjoy sporting events, food, hospitality, hybrid office space, and inclusive public places
  • To be a place designed with walkability
  • Exist as an exciting place that offers accessibility to all with an emphasis on connecting nature to community and technology to wellness

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