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Disney’s Avengers Campus

Break out your intergalactic pagers, true believers, because Marvel went immersive with a new Disney Avengers Campus attraction in 2021.

How excited should you be?


Disney’s D23 Expo gave just enough details to make every Avengers fan on the planet start plotting how to get to California Adventure.

Why California Adventure? That’s where the flagship Avengers Campus is located, although sister campuses are being built in two other Disneyland parks overseas.

Disney's Avengers Campus

What Do We Know So Far?

The California Avengers Campus opened on June 4, 2021 on the site previously occupied by Bugs Land, with Walt Disney Studios Park Avengers Campus in Paris opening later in 2022 and Hong Kong’s sister site opening in 2023.

The design decision of three separate parks getting the MCU-themed attraction is deliberate. Parkgoers entering any Avengers Campus will join an immersive and interconnected global storyline as they’re recruited to join the new, improved Avengers Initiative.

Speaking of joining the Avengers Initiative…

The Avengers Campus will have multiple addresses within the experience, and each will be dedicated to a different discipline.

So far, D23 Expo attendees have seen the concept art for Disney’s very first Spiderman-themed ride, and it looks like it’s going to blow riders away.

If you’ve ever wanted to be an honest-to-gosh webslinger, now’s your chance. WEB will reportedly have “a blend of never before seen technology and practical effects” to allow guests “to have the abilities of a superhero” as they work with Spiderman to save the city from rampaging and tragically malfunctioning spider-bots.

The WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) experience will join the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Mission: Breakout ride as the first rides in the Avengers Campus attraction. The ride will have an adjacent gift shop, called WEB Suppliers, where guests will be able to find all the Spider-merch they need

But as awesome as WEB promises to be, it’s going to have some serious competition from the ride coming in Phase Two of the Avengers Campus.

Disney Avengers Campus Quinjet
Image Via Disney/Marvel

Details about this E-ticket ride are very scarce, but we do know that it involves guests boarding a quinjet at the iconic Avengers Tower. Once aboard, guests will fly to Wakanda to team up with the Avengers themselves in a desperate battle to save the world…

Oh, snap.

Parkgoers of a more mystical bent will be able to see Doctor Strange at his California Sanctum Sanctorum, and maybe get some magical tips for how to deal with intergalactic invaders during his interactive show.

If all this talk about saving the world is making you hungry, you’ll be able to catch some food at the Pym Test Kitchen, where Pym particles will be used to grow and shrink food or get a cool beer at the Ant-Man Microbrewery.

Avengers Campus will also feature refurbished and redecorated restrooms for guests’ comfort and convenience.

Speaking of heroes… Heroic encounters will abound throughout Avengers Campus. Some of the heroes that have been confirmed to be roaming the streets and rooftops are:

  • Black Widow
  • Ant-Man and Wasp, found near the Pym Test Kitchen and Ant-Man Microbrewery
  • Doctor Strange, found around his Sanctum Sanctorum
  • Asgardian heroes (we’ve heard whispers of Marvel’s favorite trickster, Loki)
  • Black Panther is rumored to be taking time from ruling Wakanda to stop by
  • Iron Man

Avengers Campus promises to be everything that an MCU or Marvel comics fan could want from an interactive and immersive experience, with all the magic Disney can provide.

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