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50 Winter Activities & Fun Things to Do

Check out our list of ideas on fun things to do during the wintertime. Take advantage of the change of season by checking off this winter bucket list filled with cold-weather activities and fun things to do.

The first day of winter is Saturday, December 21, 2024 at 1:21 am PST and winter ends on Thursday, March 20, 2025 at 2:01 am, according to the astronomical calendar. The start of winter is known as the Winter Solstice.

The first day of winter is Sunday, December 1, 2024 and winter ends on Friday, February 28, 2025 according the Meteorological calendar. Just in case you were wondering when winter officially begins and ends.

See the Nutcracker Ballet

The holiday season is when Nutcracker Ballets are performed each year in cities throughout the country.

Host a Football party

It’s the perfect time for you and some friends and family to stay indoors and get together and enjoy a football party.

Make Homemade Hot Chocolate/Cocoa

Sure, you can buy the premade packets with pictures of snow covered ski chalets but why, when you can make a more flavorful homemade hot chocolate in just 5 minutes.

Binge Watch a TV Series

When it comes to great TV, portion control is for suckers, get the dopamine flowing and catch up on a binge-worthy show.

Do a Polar Bear Plunge

Wintertime is your chance to embrace your inner polar bear and take the plunge into a lake, ocean, pool or any frigid body of water.

Fire up the Hot Tub

When the wind turns icy and frost covers the grass, enjoy the comfortable contrast of cold air and hot water in jacuzzi.

Winter Campout

Consider winter camping when the stars shine brighter, the mosquitos are gone and there’s more purpose to winter campfires.

Have a Board Game Night

When temperatures are too cold to enjoy the outdoors, finding an indoor board game you love can be just as fun.

Make Mulled Wine

Experience the science and magic of making homemade mulled wine and the joy of sipping this festive drink.

Attend a Hockey or Basketball Game

Two classic winter sports for different reasons but there is no denying the thrill of attending a hockey or basketball game.

Take a “Winter” Hike

Cooler temperatures make for prime hiking weather on trails. Head out to your favorite local trails, or visit regional, state, or national parks for a fun winter hike.

Go Ice Skating

Whether it’s truly winter where you are or just pretending it’s winter, there is nothing more wintery than hitting the nearest ice skating rink or lake.

Make a Pinecone Wreath

It’s the perfect time of year for collecting pinecones and creating a holiday wreath.

Go Beer, Tequila or Whiskey Tasting

Have an adult night and toast Jack Frost with a wintery flight of your favorite spirit.

Winter Song Playlist

Create a winter playlist while it’s ridiculously cold outside.

Have a Snow Play Day

Head up the mountains for a place to play in the snow and build a snowman, create a snow angel, catch snowflakes, or have a snowball fight.

Cross Country Skiing

Change up your skiing routine and enjoy a unique Nordic skiing experience.

Go on a Snowcat Tour

Ride a snowcat through scenic spots amid spectacular views of the mountains.

Make a Gingerbread House

Make a classic gingerbread house with family and friends to get in the holiday spirit.

Try a New Restaurant or Bar

‘Tis The Season…to warm up with winter menu tastings and holiday cocktails.

Light a Candle

Brighten the dark and cold of the winter months with a wintery candle.

Family Winter Photo Shoot

Take advantage of those gorgeous early winter evenings without keeping the kids up like you would in summertime.

Watch a Holiday Movie

Ho-Ho-Holiday movies are the best during the winter months.

Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle

For some reason, completing a jigsaw puzzle feels extra special in the wintertime, when the weather is cold and confines most of us to the warmth and comfort of our homes.

Volunteer Over Your Winter Break

‘Tis the season for giving! And is there anything more giving than volunteering?

Hit the Slopes on a Ski or Snowboard

Skiing and snowboarding can be one of the best ways to enjoy the depths of winter and the only time to hit the slopes.

Plan a Day at a Festive Theme Park

Warm up with the festive glittering lights, re-themed rides, and seasonal treats.

Hook a Trout

Winter is the time when all the lakes start getting stocked with trout and the fishing season begins.

Go tubing or sledding

Barreling down a mountain with skis or a snowboard strapped to your feet is not everyone’s one thing, especially younger kids. Enjoy the snow and a more relaxed experience on a tube or sled.

Bake a Pie

If your mood has turned to grey right along with the wintry weather, it’s time to break out a pie recipe.

Spend the Night in a Cabin

If snow camping isn’t your thing (brrr!), then seek out the warmth and shelter of a cabin during the cold season.

Have a Bonfire

Bonfires don’t need to be limited to use in the summertime, the cozy glow of a warm fire can easily be enjoyed year-round, including winter.

Enjoy a Bubble Bath

Blast some tunes and sing-along or grab a book and a glass of wine, unwind how you choose on a cold wintery night.

Take Your Work to a Coffee Shop

Make it a cozy, warm day of work by visiting a café, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and be productive at the same time.

Try a New Winter Sport

Go ice fishing, dogsledding, snowshoe hiking, snowmobiling, create an ice sculpture or a sleigh ride, choose your own new winter adventure.

Make your Décor Wintry

Pull those boxes out of the attic and spruce up your décor!

Go Stargazing

It’s a perfect time to go stargazing, cold air holds less hazy moisture than balmy summer air, so clear nights tend to be very clear indeed.

Have a Pajama Day

Give in to the cold weather! Grab your favorite pajamas and get comfortable by the fire.

Visit a Museum

Escape the cold and explore something new at your local museum.

Knit A Blanket

Why not kill some time on a cold afternoon and learn how to knit your own thick blanket?

Go Bowling

Bowling is the perfect indoor fun, competitive and great for all ages sporting activity.

Play an Instrument

Get started now with free music lessons and tutorials online for almost any instrument.

Visit an Indoor Shopping Center

Step indoors for holiday shopping for friends and family or returning a few gifts you pretended to love.

Go to a Movie Theater

Every year the holiday season brings many of the year’s biggest blockbusters to the big screen, making it the perfect time to grab some popcorn and turn on those fancy heated cinema seats.

Stop by a Farmer’s Market

Farmers’ markets are full of seasonal winter products, decorations, and ambiance and a perfect place to get in the winter mood.

Eat Delicious Ramen

Keep warm with a steaming bowl of ramen or double up on your experience and make your own favorite ramen.

Go Brewery Hopping

Visiting a brewery is a good indoor activity for winter (and outdoor for summer). Breweries are family and pet friendly and offer great beer, food, games, TVs and plenty of other fun activities.

Learn to Cook Winter Favorites

You probably already know some great seasonal dishes to cook but mix it up and try something new and share it with your friends and family.

Have a Spa Day

It’s no secret visiting a spa is a relaxing experience and sure beats the holiday bustle and winter cold.

Take up a Hobby or a Class

The likelihood of leaving the house decreases with the temperature outside so why not put the remote down and start up a fulfilling hobby or online class within the comfort of your home.

Print this list of Winter Activities & Fun Things to Do: PDF | Image

Winter Fun Things to Do

Print this list of Winter Activities & Fun Things to Do: PDF | Image

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