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Things To Do For Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day to celebrate love. Many couples and partners do something to celebrate this special day. Whether it’s gifting something small as a memento to express love, or going out on an extravagant date, there are many things to do for Valentine’s Day. But the day is not limited to couples. Friends can celebrate too (Palentine’s Day), and parents can do special activities with their children to show their love. If you’re single, there are still things you can do — you may just prefer to do them alone, or with friends.

Whatever your relationship status, and however you decide to celebrate, here’s a list of things to do for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is on Friday, February 14, 2025.

Things To Do For Valentines Day

Things To Do For Valentine’s Day – For Couples

Here’s a list of romantic ideas for those couples who like to spend time doing something special or luxurious together.

Make A Romantic Candlelight Dinner at Home

The old classic romantic homecooked dinner. It’s always nice for couples to spend time connecting without the distractions of crowds. Stay home, make your favorite meal together, light some candles, turn off your phones, and enjoy each others company.

Go Out for A Romantic Dinner

Choose your favorite fancy (or not) restaurant, or choose a new one to try and enjoy each other over a dinner out. Make it fun by trying new dishes, dining at a rooftop bar or ordering for each other and enjoy a special dessert together. Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants though, so if you plan on going out, you may want to make a reservation in advance.

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Make Breakfast In Bed

Serve your sweetie french toast or eggs benedict or whatever their favorite special breakfast is. Don’t forget to include berries with whipped cream and add a special Valentine’s Day card with a little love note in it.

Book a Valentine’s Day Staycation

Book a room at a local hotel for an overnight staycation. Have dinner (or order room service), enjoy the many hotel amenities, and just relax. If you live together or have kids at home, a change of scenery in a private location can do wonders for reconnecting and rekindling the romance.

Ride a Gondola

If you live in a location with waterways, book a spot on a gondola ride. Cuddle up under a blanket in the gondola and enjoy soft music and a glass of wine while your gondola guide paddles you around.

Go On A Sunset Cruise

Book a spot on a local boat charter to cruise around the harbor (or lake, or ocean) to take in the sunset. You can even check your local area to rent a Duffy or pontoon boat that you can drive yourself so that the two of you can enjoy some alone time on the water.

Go Horseback Riding

Take an adventure together and book a horseback ride with your significant other. These can be especially romantic and fun of you do it at certain times, like sunset, or in certain locations, such as on the beach or through nature preserves.

Book A Couples Massage or Spa Day

Do something sensual together by getting a couples massage or special treatments at the spa. Many day spa locations offer Valentine’s Day specials. If you’re getting a massage, go for Swedish or Shiatsu. Best spa treatments for couples? Get a body mud mask, hot stone treatment, or aromatherapy massage, then relax together in the spa’s hot tubs or steam rooms. If you want to stay at home, give each other massages or spa treatments, then take a candlelight bubble bath with champagne and strawberries.

Write A Relationship Bucket List

While you’re relaxing, start making a list of all the things you want to do together, goals you want to accomplish together, and all the experiences you’d like to have with one another. Be sure to include big things like extravagant vacations, and small things like binge watching that new show you’ve both wanted to start.

First Date Do Over

Relive that magical first night (or maybe it was awkward but you gave it another shot anyway). Whatever the circumstances, there is a reason you’re still together. Celebrate that special spark that was ignited by recreating your first date.

Make A Playlist For Each Other

Get on your favorite music streaming service and put together a playlist for each other. Include memorable songs from special events or those that have significance to your relationship and some that have special messages in the lyrics that tell your true love how you feel about them.

Make A Special Dessert

Make your mate a special dessert. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a winning treat, but you can try red velvet cupcakes, lava cake, strawberry shortcake, or whatever their favorite sweet treat is. If nothing else, you can always make Jello Shots topped with whipped cream.

Write A Love Letter

In the day to day, we sometimes get caught up in the norm and forget to remind each other how much we care. Write your loved one a love letter and tell them how much they mean to you and all the reasons you love them. Everyone appreciates hearing how much they mean to the person they love. Along the same lines, you can also tuck a love note into their lunch, or leave sticky notes all over the house with reasons why you love them.

Things To Do On Valentines Day – Friends Or Lovers

These activities and ideas are fun for both couples or groups of friends. The point is to just have a great time! These ideas are great for Galentine’s Day which is celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Go Dancing

Head out to your local club or live music destination or turn up the tunes at home and have a living room dance party. Many bars and restaurants will have live music on Valentine’s Day.

Go On A Hike

Get out and explore the local trails. Choose something in the forest with a waterfall or find something with a beautiful view to take in. Whether you’re with your friends or significant other, getting some fresh air and taking in the natural beauty of your surroundings is peaceful and rejuvenating.

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Go To An Amusement Park

Bring out your inner kid and hit your local theme park and ride the rides, play some games, and enjoy some good ol’ fair food. Spending an evening at the amusement park is always fun and energizing no matter who you’re with.

Host A Valentine’s Day Party

Invite your favorite people – couples and singles – and enjoy an evening of good company. Get out the lawn games or the board games, turn on some music, serve up some finger foods and celebrate good friendship.

Go To A Concert

Music is good for the soul, and many bands both local and world-famous play shows on Valentine’s Day. Check your local music venues and see who’s playing.

Go To A Comedy Show

Laughter is the best medicine. If you’re single, don’t let the V-day propaganda bring you down. Grab your friends and check out the local comedy club for an evening of fun.

Get A Hotel Day Pass

You don’t need to stay the night to enjoy the amenities of many local hotels. Get a Resort Pass and have all-day access to some of the best amenities including the pools, day spas, and more. Gather the girls (or the guys) and make a day of it.

Take A Day Trip

Even when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, you can take the day off. Get together with your closest friends and take a day trip to someplace regionally to explore and have fun. Try a National or State Park, or someplace with a fun downtown area to explore.

Go Wine Tasting

Try a local wine bar or winery, or host your own wine tasting event at home. This can be fun with a group of friends!

Go Skiing or Snowboarding

Many areas still have snow on Valentine’s Day. Hit the slopes with your snow buddies and enjoy a day outdoors with some winter sports.

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Things To Do On Valentines Day – Family Fun

These ideas are great for families to celebrate their love on this special day. Plus we’ve got a great list of special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids here.

Love Notes

After the kids go to sleep on February 13th, cut heart shapes out of pink, red, and white construction paper, write things you love about them on each heart, then stick them to their bedroom door. When they wake up on Valentine’s Day, they’ll be delighted by the display of love you left for them.

Love Stories

Make a small book out of construction paper with 5 to 10 pages and fill it with memories you have with your child, little drawings that represent them and your family, and things you love about them. You can include everything from the day they were born, to their toothless smile, to their high school graduation (because they’re never too old to get Valentines from their parents). You can even add stickers and other things that are relevant to your stories and memories.

Theme Park Fun

We mentioned amusement parks in the section above, but these are great for families too. Take the kids for a fun evening out at the theme park to enjoy the lights, the rides, the food, and games. Creating memories is the best gift.

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Go On A Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and find a sweet spot to lay out a blanket and enjoy your meal. Make it extra special by packing their favorite things, or try something new to create new memories and experiences on a special day. If your kids are little, try somewhere with a play area, and if they’re older, try something with great scenery or a new place you’ve all never been.

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Have A Family Game Night

Kids remember the time you spend with them and game nights are always fun. Get out a trivia game or even Twister or Jenga, and enjoy an evening of laughs together with phones turned off.

Go Roller Skating or Bowling

Head to the local roller skating rink and make memories with the family. Some rinks will have special hours for family night and adults only with Valentine themes so check the hours before you go. Bowling alleys are also great places for making family memories and you’ll have lots of laughs with your friendly family competition.

Celebrate With A Sweet Treat

You can make dessert at home, or head out to one of your local dessert spots for unique treats. There are lots of new trends to try from rolled ice cream or cotton candy characters to ice cream with faces and DIY cake decorating.

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Date Your Kids

Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, get dressed up in your fancy clothes, and take the kids out on a dinner date. They’ll love feeling like big kids, and they’ll feel super special.

Take A Snow Day

If there’s still snow on the ground in your area, grab your sleds an put on your snow gear and head out for a day of snow play. Call in a personal day at work, pull the kids from school, and go build snowmen and have snowball fights for the day.

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Get Crafty

Get all your craft supplies and spread them out on the table. Gather around and spend the evening making Valentines for each other. Go all out and add sequins, sparkles, stickers, and other materials to really make them special.

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More Things To Do On Valentines Day

  • Karaoke
  • Make Sushi at home
  • Go to a painting party/paint and sip night
  • Have a movie night
  • Go whale watching
  • Take a trapeze or aerial skills class together
  • Attend a sporting event
  • Go camping under the stars
  • Have a bonfire
  • Visit an arboretum or gardens
  • Take a dance class

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