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40 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Stay at home date night doesn’t have to mean that you’re too cheap or too lazy for a fun, romantic, and spontaneous evening with your spouse, partner or special someone. It takes creativity and time to plan a great date night at home and a good listener will have all the perfect goodies and new activities prepared and ready to go.

Sometimes wearing cozy sweats and funny socks together while lounging on your favorite sofa is all you need. An evening at home can be more relaxing and less distracting. Get inspired and start planning your next stay at home date night while earning brownie points and saving for a rainy day.

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Watch A Movie or Stand Up Comedy Special

An easy weekday or weekend date idea is to finally watch that new movie you haven’t had time to see, but now it’s available on your go to streaming channel. Make this typical at home date night exciting and bring home a big variety of movie time goodies. Splurge and get the real buttered popcorn. Have your favorite dinner delivered before the curtain goes up.

Candlelight Dinner

You can eat cereal over candlelight and the evening will still be romantic. Have different sizes and make sure the candles are lit before your evening starts or guest arrives.

Try Takeout From A New Restaurant

Try a take-out dinner from a local restaurant you’ve never tried before. Sometimes you’ll discover a hidden treasure and get a reprieve from your local predictable pizza place.

Watch A Sporting Event

Maybe watching sporting events is not your idea of a date night, but consider watching a game together and know that the real points scored will be by you. They will thank you for it!

Play Card Games

Order some playing cards that are fun themed, oversized, adult themed, or cards from your favorite vacation together. You don’t have to be a poker savant to enjoy this simple past time. Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and 21 are easy games for winning big. Want to try something new? Bicycle has a whole list of card games with instructions to play!

Cooking/Baking Competition

Find out who is the Top Chef by having a baking or cooking competition together. Choose the same dish or select a dish from a jar of several written-on pieces of paper.

Spa Massage Date Night

The more candles the better for this date night! Invest in luxury scented candles, fine oils, and aroma therapy scents for a real spa feeling. Mood music is important, and research the different types of body massage and how to give a better massage from home.

Indulge in a Fast Food Night

Pickup or order delivery from your favorite fast food and eat until your hearts desire. Step it up a notch and taste test all the secret menu options.

Make fancy cocktails

Pretend to be a mixologist for the night and make creating extraordinary cocktails together.

Backyard Movie Night

Set up a tent, white sheet, pillows and blankets, lights, and buy an inexpensive projector or just use a ipad or a tablet for an outdoor movie night.

Hot Tub Date Night

Get the food, drinks, music and lighting ready and make the hot tub the center of your date night. Swimsuit optional.

Recreate Your First Date at Home

Invite your sweetheart to revisit that exciting night one more time. Recreating the same atmosphere and everything about your first date can be exciting and fulfilling to both partners. If a first date doesn’t work at home try recreating any great date.

Play “Would You Rather?”

This easy word game will enlighten you about your significant other and personality traits will be on display for certain. Discover new qualities about your partner that are humorous and attitudes that admirable. It’s also a perfect mini game while you cook, clean, or complete a project together.

Tell Jokes

Purchase a few joke books or download your favorite jokes for this super easy at home date night idea. Laughter is the best medicine and telling great jokes over a routine at home dinner will transform your ordinary evening into something great.

Make Ice Cream Sundaes

Grab a shopping cart and fill it with all your favorite ice cream flavors and every topping you can think of. Ice cream sundaes instantly make you feel better. Dessert for dinner isn’t such a bad idea and don’t forget that fun can of whipping cream!

Online Dance Lessons

Take an online dance lesson together. The options are limitless and little to no commitment is required.

Make Pizza Together

Tonight’s the night a new Pizza Master is born. Everyone loves pizza and together you can discover new recipe favorites. Make it easier with take and bake ready-made pizza dough.

Do A Puzzle

Getting back to the basics can be a good thing for stay-at-home date night ideas. Find puzzles with significance or that hold special memories. Have a race to finish a 100-piece puzzle.

Have A Game Night

Enjoy an evening with a little friendly competition. Pull out your favorite games like Monopoly, Yahtzee!, or Trivial Pursuit, or get a new one that you’ve never played.

Trivia Night

Nothing beats a good round of trivia. Play Jeopardy!-style, or get some trivia books about your favorite places, shows, or movies, and quiz each other.

Blind Taste Test

Getting messy can be a good thing. Try not to choose something crazy spicy, it might just ruin all the foodie fun!

Write A Couple’s Bucket List

Make a partner’s bucket list of all the things you would like to do together. This is a fun task that can inspire more commitment and devotion to the relationship. Maybe the wilder the list the better.

Have A Photo Nostalgia Night

Gather up old albums and get all sentimental together by going through old photos. Laugh through all the funny haircuts and unmemorable Prom dates.

Backyard Bonfire

Got a fire pit? Make your favorite beverages and cuddle up by the fire. You can turn it into your very own mini backyard campout by roasting hot dogs or s’mores, then take a few minutes to do some stargazing.

Draw Self-Portraits of Each Other

This is such a fun idea. Grab a pencil and paper and highlight your partner’s best features. We don’t recommend using exaggerated caricatures because it probably won’t be appreciated.

Fancy Drinks On The Porch

Try new recipes or make the fancy drinks from your favorite place. Use new stemware to make the mixing fun. Drinks can be alcoholic, punch flavors, or Italian sodas.

Country-Themed Date

Saddle up for a night of fun. Watch your favorite western movies wearing cowboy boots and western wear. Play country music and do some line dancing and eat a country style BBQ dinner.

Play Outside

A stay-at-home date night doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Take the fun outdoors with a game of hoops, hopscotch or corn hole. Sidewalk chalk is a great idea for a game of hangman or expressing your inner artist.

Take The Dogs For A Walk

Take your dogs for a longer walk or discover a new dog park. The extended time will allow for more quality time together. This is also a great way to introduce your special person to your special pet.

Eat Outside

Eating al fresco is romantic and is a welcomed break from the boring dining table. Being outside also sets the tone for something special to come. The senses become heightened and suddenly we are eager to share in the conversation.

Read A Book Out Loud

Select your favorite book and take turns reading out loud to each other. Don’t worry if you’re not a world class reader. Have fun using silly character voices and mimicking the sounds you read. Encourage your partner to perform as they read.

Clean Your Closet Date Night

This definitely doesn’t sound like a top stay at home date night idea, but we have encouraging news. You can remove all clothing that you both don’t use or wear. Have a donate box ready to go and by the end of the evening you’ll instantly know what your spouse or partner is in need of. This makes gift giving right on the money.

Wine Tasting

It’s time to try the few bottles that you’ve been meaning to open on a special occasion. Perhaps you’ve been given a new bottle to try you and keep forgetting about it. Have a date dedicated to wine tasting and discover a new favorite. Don’t like wine? Create your own tasting night with any favorite snack or drink.

Hire A Dance Instructor For A Private Lesson

Dancing can be unique and intimate for couples whether it’s line dancing, salsa, ballroom or swing dancing. Just try not to step on each other’s toes.

Learn A New Language Together

Learning a new language together is both fun and educational. Mix in a themed dinner night for the language you are both learning. They are plenty of APPs or books to help you learn at your own pace. Plan a trip to the same country as your new language. Learning a language together means you’ve got a practice partner.

Pick Out Your Next Halloween Costume

It’s never too early to plan for your next Halloween costume. The perfect costume takes time to curate and start searching for ideas. Have fun looking at online stores and what’s new in pop culture.

Have A Karaoke Night

Skip the crazy karaoke bars and have a private karaoke date night singing your favorite songs.

Vacation Planning Date

Turn planning your next romantic getaway into a fabulous and fun date night.

Signup For A Date Subscription Box

Date night subscription boxes are typically curated packages that come with everything a couple needs to have a date night at home. They often arrive monthly and no more need to search for date night ideas!

Double Date

Make it double the fun by inviting another couple of to join in one of the many date ideas from above.

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