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Selling the OC: Cast, Trailer, Film Locations & More

Selling the OC is the latest spinoff to Selling Sunset and the show follows The Oppenheim Group to their new office in Newport Beach, California. The real estate docusoap features an all-new real estate team that competes to snag the biggest sales of the most affluent beach front homes in Orange County. 

Selling The OC

Selling the OC Season 2

Netflix officially renewed Selling the OC for not just one, but two additional seasons, ensuring fans will have more captivating real estate drama to enjoy in the coming years. Production for seasons 2 and 3 of Selling the OC commenced during the winter of 2023, promising exciting new drama in the near future.

Selling the OC Season 2 Episodes

Selling the OC Season 2 premiered on Friday, September 8, 2023 and is a Netflix original series. A Netflix subscription is required to watch. All 8 episodes of season 2 were dropped at once.

  • S2 Episode 1: “Back on the Market” – Brandi offers a hot take on a hot topic after Tyler’s divorce sparks speculation at the office; cracks begin to show in the Alexandra’s alliance.
  • S2 Episode 2: “The Elephant in the Office” – A fresh new face from Nashville, Tenn., makes an entrance; after Kayla spreads explosive news, tempers flare at Gio’s over-the-top sales milestone party.
  • S2 Episode 3: “The Ring Collector” – Polly pitches Ali to Jason as a new addition to the team; Alex Hall tours Tyler’s childhood home, then serves up a pasta dinner with a side of gossip.
  • S2 Episode 4: “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” – Ready to get some distance from an old ally, Jarvis connects with Ali; Kayla and Brandi talk motherhood and more; Alex accuses Rose of shady behavior.
  • S2 Episode 5: “Trouble Travels” – As the team arrives in Cabo prepared to party, an unresolved issue between Alex and Brandi causes fresh trouble; Ali flies home for a heart-to-heart.
  • S2 Episode 6: “Rough Waters” – Business and pleasure make a messy mix as the agents tour beachfront listings and relax on a yacht, before an explosive argument interrupts the fun.
  • S2 Episode 7: “Sex, Lies, and iPhone Footage” – Austin, Gio and Brandi turn to their families as they navigate change and challenges; a scandalous new secret surfaces after a team meeting devolves.
  • S2 Episode 8: “Closing the Deal” – Rose takes a few hits when she invites the team to help demolish a tear-down; at Polly’s birthday party, guests share big announcements and big feelings.

Selling the OC Season 1 Episodes

The scenes from season 1 were filmed from about late 2021 to early 2022.

Selling the OC premiered on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 and is a Netflix original series. A Netflix subscription is required to watch. All 8 episodes of season 1 were dropped at once.

  • S1 Episode 1: “Paradise Comes with a Price” – Alex Hall takes new agent Kayla under her wing. At the office launch party, tension between Alexandra Rose and the other agents boils over.
  • S1 Episode 2: “Them Tables…They Turn” – Gio hosts a brokers’ open house, where he raises an issue with Alex. Three agents celebrate a triple birthday. Brandi works with a retired NBA player.
  • S1 Episode 3: “Testing the Waters” – Trying to reel in her first listing, Kayla turns to Alex for help. Rose and Jarvis work a promising new lead. Alex and Gio butt heads at the beach.
  • S1 Episode 4: “A Not So Happy Hour” – Kayla, struggling to balance everything, doesnt get much sympathy from Polly. Alex closes a deal. Austin’s lifestyle puts pressure on his marriage. 
  • S1 Episode 5: “An Off-Market Offer” – Scandal sweeps through the office after Kayla crosses a line. Alex and Jason tour a $105 million stunner while Polly shows Gio’s client a fixer-upper.
  • S1 Episode 6: “Co-listing Chaos” – Tyler and Kayla clear the air, but Alex isn’t ready to move on. Polly works with Gio to make a big sale. Rose opens up about her difficult childhood.
  • S1 Episode 7: “Upping the Ante” – Polly and Jarvis struggle to keep things civil. Tyler shows his first big listing. Gio hosts a poker night where drama erupts between office cliques.
  • S1 Episode 8: “Turning Tides” – Kayla tries to keep things on track with a difficult client. At a yacht party for the team, fun in the sun gives way to an explosive personality clash.

Selling the OC Cast

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Where is the Selling the OC cast now?

Selling the OC Filming Locations

A significant portion of the show is filmed at the Oppenheim Corona Del Mar office. The rest of the filming takes place at featured homes, restaurants and bars in San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar, Balboa Island and Newport Beach. There is also filming on a Laguna Beach beach and on a yacht named “Layed Back.” Within these beach areas filming occurred at these establishments.

Gulfstream is referenced on the show as going there but not featured.

Oppenheim Group Orange County Office

The Oppenheim Group Orange County office is located in Corona Del Mar on PCH and down the street from MacArthur and PCH, Gulfstream and The Bungalow. The office has a full bar that sits at the center of the office serving cold beers on tap, a steel pool table (previously owned by singer Adele), coffee bar with tailor-made wood cabinetry, oversized velvet couches, and an ambrosia conference table complete the social/lounge space.

The Vault Room used to be a bank and the walls are lined with a collection of vintage mirrors and Oppenheim Group wine. Additional features include a kitchen and cardio and weight rooms.

Address: 3140 East Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, CA 92625



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