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Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

From a lavish celebration to something simple and personal here are over 100 fun things to do on your birthday and adult birthday party ideas. Birthdays are an awesome opportunity to bring friends and family together to celebrate a special occasion. So here are the best birthday ideas for your next celebration.

Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday
  1. Plan a staycation pool party
  2. Host a board game night
  3. Hire a private chef for a dinner party
  4. Have a pajama party
  5. Sip tea with a fancy tea party
  6. Plan a backyard BBQ with lawn and outdoor games
  7. Throw a party with a food truck (or dessert truck)
  8. Have a friends and family get-together at home
  9. Host a make your own pizza party
  10. Plan a potluck party
  11. Have a murder mystery night
  12. Host a costume party with a theme
  13. Have a blind tasting party with wine, beer or liquor
  14. Play videogames all day with friends
  15. Eat breakfast in bed
  16. Bring in a astrologer, psychic reader or magician
  17. Host a casino night
  18. Throw a Karaoke party at home
  19. Have a wine and cheese gathering with a sommelier
  20. Host an outdoor movie night
  21. Throw a luau, fiesta or decades party
  22. Bring a day spa to your home
  23. Have an ice cream party

Places to Celebrate Birthday Parties

  1. Spend the day at the beach
  2. Shop, dine get entertained at a local shopping center
  3. Plan a wine tasting day trip
  4. Attend a concert
  5. Sing the night away at a Karaoke bar
  6. Show off your knowledge at a trivia night
  7. Map out a progressive dinner
  8. Throw a beach bonfire party
  9. Laugh it up at a comedy or improv show
  10. Relax at a day spa with friends
  11. Play golf or even mini golf
  12. Go to a music festival
  13. Plan the perfect picnic at a park or beach
  14. Book a party bus, Sprinter van or limo to your favorite spot
  15. Go or learn how to country line dance
  16. Ride the day away at a theme park
  17. Attend a theater show
  18. Rent a Duffy boat and tour the harbor
  19. Daytrip to Catalina Island
  20. Visit an aquarium or zoo
  21. Relax at a resort with a hotel day pass
  22. Host a private movie screening
  23. Pub bike or brewery crawl
  24. Book a cabana at a local resort
  25. Go see a sports game
  26. Have lunch with friends on a farm
  27. Go to a fair, carnival, or festival
  28. Dance the night away at a club
  29. Slide on over to a water park
  30. Disappear at a magic show
  31. Go to any place where there’s live music
  32. Go on a ghost tour
  33. Visit gardens or an arboretum
  34. Spend the day on a lake or river
  35. Go to a dinner show
  36. Try out the tourist things to do in your local area
  37. Have a nail or hair salon day with friends
  38. Tour a museum or check out the latest pop-up museum
  39. Have a picnic at the park and watch the sunset
  40. Go on a bird watching tour
  41. Go on a date with your spouse or significant other
  42. Explore a local factory tour
  43. Ride a beach cruiser on the boardwalk
  44. Go axe throwing
  45. Book a party at an entertainment complex e.g. Dave & Buster’s
  46. Attend a concert or movie in the park
  47. Setup a shopping event at a boutique
  48. Road trip with friends or family
  49. Take a brewery or food tour
  50. Visit an artisan, farmer’s market, or u-pick farm.
  51. Book a private room at a restaurant

Adventurous Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Climb a mountain
  2. Try skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding
  3. Take a trapeze lesson
  4. Try cliff jumping or base jumping
  5. Go camping, glamping or RVing
  6. Go horseback riding
  7. Hit an ice skating rink
  8. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  9. Hike or mountain bike a new trail
  10. Take a helicopter tour
  11. Go paddle boarding
  12. Take a pole dancing class
  13. Try Top Golf
  14. Race with friends on a Go Kart
  15. Go ATV riding
  16. Learn to surf, kitesurf, windsurf, or sail
  17. Take a motorcycle on an adventure
  18. Try bodysurfing or bodyboarding
  19. Ski or snowboard the slopes
  20. Go for a ride at skateboard park or BMX track
  21. Run a 5K or marathon or attempt a triathlon
  22. Go scuba diving or snorkeling
  23. Go deep sea fishing
  24. Rent a paddle boat, jet ski or hydrofoil
  25. Hang out on zip lines or a rope course
  26. Go white water rafting

Creative Birthday Ideas

  1. Craft a masterpiece at a sip & paint
  2. Take a cooking, pottery, jewelry or another hobby class
  3. Take dancing lessons
  4. Start a new hobby
  5. Learn a new skill
  6. Dive into a new culture
  7. Do some DIY crafting

Last Minute Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Attempt an escape room
  2. Go bowling
  3. Roller skating
  4. Karaoke your heart out
  5. See a movie
  6. Bake a birthday cake
  7. Bar hop until the morning
  8. Have a happy hour get together a local bar or restaurant
  9. Dine at a restaurant with friends and family
  10. Road trip to Vegas for the night
  11. Bottomless brunch and day drinking with friends
  12. Shoot pool and play darts at a local dive bar
  13. Go ice skating or rollerblading

Vacation Birthday Ideas

  1. Go wine tasting in Napa, Santa Barbara or Temecula
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Plan a golf vacation with friends
  4. Travel to your dream destination
  5. Plan a trip to see a friend
  6. Have fun girls/guys trip
  7. Take a best friends only trip
  8. Vacation abroad
  9. Have a weekend getaway at the lake, beach or mountains
  10. Attend a pool party and gamble the night away in Las Vegas

Solo Birthday Ideas

  1. Binge watch your favorite show/movie
  2. Treat yourself to a special gift
  3. Do a birthday photoshoot
  4. Donate to a charity or volunteer
  5. Get a piercing or a tattoo
  6. Get a psychic reading
  7. Indulge in your favorite meal
  8. Reread your favorite book
  9. Send flowers to yourself
  10. Drink your favorite bottle of wine or liquor
  11. Test drive your favorite car
  12. Wear a show-stopping outfit
  13. Write a letter to your future self
  14. Play with puppies
  15. Avoid your least favorite chores
  16. Get active at a fitness class
  17. Redecorate your home or a room
  18. Enjoy a food or exercise cheat day
  19. Take the day off work
  20. Indulge in a slice of cake
  21. Unplug for a day
  22. Try yoga or workout
  23. Find a treasure at a thrift store
  24. Check something off your bucket list
  25. Enjoy a nature walk
  26. Hike to a sunset
  27. Perform a random act of kindness
  28. Get your hair and/or makeup done
  29. Try a recipe you’ve always wanted to make
  30. Taste a food you’ve never tried before
  31. Visit a dog park with your best friend
  32. Rent your favorite luxury car
  33. Order in from your favorite restaurant

Luxury Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Party on a yacht
  2. Rent a mansion or a beach house
  3. Host a weekend getaway with friends and family
  4. Rent a private jet
  5. Throw a black & white ball
  6. Rent out a concert venue
  7. Book a luxurious stay at a resort
  8. Upgrade to VIP or suite access at an event
  9. Rent out a bar or restaurant for friends and family, an Elks Club bar or restaurant is cost-friendlier option

Tips for throwing a 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th Birthday Party

  • Plan at least a month ahead
  • Enlist party helpers or hire event staff
  • Decide on your budget
  • Choose a theme and stick to it
  • Find the perfect place to celebrate
  • Choose the entertainment
  • Create a playlist
  • Plan activities
  • Focus on the food and drinks
  • Serve one specialty cocktail
  • Don’t forget the cake
  • Purchase or make the décor
  • Limit the guest list, but be prepared for a few extra guests
  • Take party favors to the next level
  • Capture the moments
  • Book a photographer or videographer
  • Have a photo booth, instagrammable back drops and/or props
  • Create your party hashtag and share it
  • Designate someone to be in charge during the party because…
  • Prepare for the unexpected

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