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Fun Things To Do on Your Anniversary

No matter if this is your 50th anniversary or your 1st, there is no doubt that this is a very special occasion. The good news is that you’ll never run out of things to do together! However, If you need a little inspiration for plans, we’ve got a whole list of them below for you. Here are some fun things to do on your anniversary.

Things To Do For Anniversaries

Going Out

Staying in and celebrating is nice, but getting out and doing new things together can help keep that spark alive. And we all live busy lives, with work, parenting, and other responsibilities, getting out helps us reconnect and get out of the usual routine.

  1. Have dinner at a new restaurant
  2. Have a picnic at the park
  3. Take a dance class together
  4. Have dinner at a chef’s table
  5. Go to a rooftop bar
  6. Have a beach day
  7. Book a spa day together
  8. Go to a museum
  9. Go to a garden or arboretum
  10. Plan a photoshoot with just the two of you
  11. Go to a drive in theater
  12. Go roller skating
  13. Go ice skating
  14. Go bowling for a little friendly competition
  15. Go to an arcade and play old school games
  16. Go to a u-pick farm and pick fresh seasonal produce
  17. Go horseback riding – beach rides and sunsets are the best!
  18. Visit a vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting
  19. Take a cooking class together
  20. Join a trivia night
  21. Go to karaoke
  22. Go to an animal shelter
  23. Go to a night market
  24. Get tattoos together
  25. Go to a zoo or an aquarium
  26. Go to the movies
  27. Renew your vows
  28. Go to a farmers market and get goods to make a romantic dinner
  29. Take an art class
  30. Go to a stand up show
  31. Visit an amusement park
  32. Go skydiving
  33. Go to an escape room
  34. Take a hot air balloon ride
  35. Rent a tandem bike and pedal down the beach path
  36. Visit your favorite bakery together
  37. Go on a factory tour
  38. Visit a lake that’s nearby
  39. Take a hike together
  40. Go stargazing in a field together
  41. Create a scavenger hunt to go on together
  42. Take surfing lessons
  43. Find somewhere to watch the sunrise (or set) together 
  44. Take a yoga class (try goat yoga!)
  45. Attend a concert
  46. Take a boat ride together
  47. Go whale watching
  48. Go zip lining
  49. Go play laser tag together
  50. Go go-karting
  51. Explore another city nearby
  52. Make a build-a-bear bear together
  53. Go to a waterpark
  54. Go to Great Wolf Lodge
  55. Take a Dinner cruise
  56. Do your partners favorite activity
  57. Do a themed photoshoot
  58. Go skiing
  59. Do something on your bucket list
  60. Go Miniature golfing
  61. Pick a course to play regular golf
  62. Go scuba diving or snorkeling
  63. Visit a board game café
  64. Go to a play or musical
  65. Go to color-me-mine
  66. Go fishing
  67. Go to a bed and breakfast
  68. Volunteer together
  69. Go to a thrift shop and choose outfits for each other
  70. Attend a mixology class and create a signature drink
  71. Go to brunch together

Staying In

If you want to stay in so that you can be cozy and spend some much needed time catching up and cuddling, here are some ideas to add a fun at-home experience on your anniversary.

  1. Cook dinner together – pick your favorite, or try a new recipe
  2. Bake your favorite desserts together
  3. Make a pillow fort
  4. Have a movie night
  5. Take an online cooking class
  6. Camp in the backyard or living room
  7. Have a game night together
  8. Make an at-home spa
  9. Try a new craft together
  10. Enjoy afternoon tea at home
  11. Make fondue at home
  12. Have a campfire, complete with smores
  13. Make a garden together
  14. Have a wine painting night
  15. Read a book to each other
  16. Order take out and make a fancy looking spread
  17. Create a charcuterie board together
  18. Have a cook off or a bake off
  19. Make a candle together
  20. Make a scrapbook
  21. Play video games together
  22. Listen to each other’s favorite albums together
  23. Set up a candle lit dinner
  24. Make breakfast in bed for your partner
  25. Redecorate a room together
  26. Build a Lego set together
  27. Create your own time capsule to open on another anniversary
  28. Do a hand casting kit
  29. Make DIY matching sweatshirts
  30. Make pizzas together
  31. Recreate your first date
  32. Recreate your proposal
  33. Do a virtual wine tasting
  34. Don’t do anything and just enjoy each others company
  35. Plan a vacation together
  36. Plan an anniversary party
  37. Try to remake your wedding cake
  38. Order a date night in a box
  39. Plant a tree in your backyard

Long Distance Relationship Ideas

If you can’t be together physically, there are still great ways to connect on your special occasion.

  1. Do an online escape room
  2. Go on a virtual vacation with Google earth
  3. Create an online cookbook
  4. Have an animal crossing date
  5. Play Minecraft together
  6. Take buzzfeed quizzes together
  7. Make a virtual farm in stardew valley
  8. Watch a movie together
  9. Mail each other your favorite books
  10. Have a virtual game night
  11. Order the same take out and eat together on Skype or Zoom
  12. Make “open when” letters to send to them
  13. Get them something from Ubereats
  14. Fly to them to surprise them
  15. Send each other love letters
  16. Send them a care package
  17. Cook the same meal together on skype
  18. Call each other outside and go stargazing together
  19. Make a joint anniversary playlist
  20. Go on a virtual museum tour
  21. Create a bucket list together
  22. Surprise them with a flight to you

Trips To Take

Get away from the daily grind and reconnect in a new place. Going on new adventures together is a great way to keep the romance alive.

  1. Rent a cabin in the mountains together
  2. Find a hotel near the beach
  3. Take a weekend vacation out of the country
  4. Go on a cruise
  5. Go to an all-inclusive resort
  6. Reserve a night at a hotel nearby
  7. Go to Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead
  8. Go back to where your honeymoon was
  9. Go to Catalina Island
  10. Put a few destinations into a randomizer and let it choose where you go
  11. Go on a road trip
  12. Go to Hawaii
  13. Go to Paris
  14. Go to Italy
  15. Go to Greece
  16. Go To Cabo San Lucas
  17. Go on a river cruise
  18. Visit Barcelona
  19. Go to Palm Springs and enjoy the hot springs
  20. Go to San Francisco together
  21. Visit the Grand Canyon
  22. Go to Las Vegas

Gift Ideas

Gifts shouldn’t be essential on our anniversary, but they are pretty traditional. Show the one you love with something special.

  1. Make a slideshow or photo album
  2. Create a coupon book
  3. Cook their favorite meal
  4. Make them a cookbook of your favorite recipes
  5. Get them concert tickets to their favorite band or artist
  6. Take them on a shopping spree
  7. Get them a personalized blanket
  8. Buy them a nice bathrobe
  9. Buy them a poster of what the sky looked like when you got married
  10. Write a journal about your relationship for a year and gift it to them
  11. Give them an engraved wine bottle
  12. Buy them a subscription box
  13. Buy them preserved roses
  14. Buy them a custom puzzle with their favorite photo of the two of you
  15. Get them a foreign snack pack
  16. Get them a personalized cutting board
  17. Get them a bracelet with the sounds waves of you saying “I love you”
  18. Make them a pamper kit with their favorite bath products
  19. Make them a custom flower bouquet
  20. Buy their favorite chocolates
  21. Make them a playlist of songs that remind you of them

Budget Friendly Ideas

Sure it’s a special occasion, but that doesn’t mean you need to go broke. Here are some great ideas that won’t break the bank.

  1. Sketch each other
  2. Take a walk around the neighborhood
  3. Have a homemade pizza dinner
  4. Revisit memorable places from your relationship around your town or city
  5. Go to a coffee shop instead of dinner
  6. Have your own photoshoot and take photos of each other
  7. Spend time at your local park
  8. Binge watch a series together
  9. Have an indoor picnic
  10. Check groupon for deals on experiences
  11. Look through old photos together
  12. Find an outdoor free concert or movie in the park
  13. Have an unplugged night at home
  14. Throw a potluck with family and friends
  15. Do an online workout together
  16. Go camping at a nearby National Park
  17. Go bird watching
  18. Go cloud watching
  19. Throw a virtual anniversary party
  20. Learn a new language together
  21. Have a youtube karaoke party
  22. Find a puzzle to do together
  23. Go to an antique shop and browse
  24. Go window shopping
  25. Reminisce about your wedding night and what you both remember
  26. Swap hobbies for the day
  27. Go to the library and borrow a book for each other
  28. Find a cheap diner to visit (bonus points if you dress up fancy for it)
  29. Act like tourists for a day
  30. Drive around your city and sightsee
  31. Watch a movie from the year you started dating
  32. Test drive an expensive car
  33. Visit a public garden
  34. Feed ducks at a pond or lake
  35. Get just dessert from your favorite restaurant
  36. Rent a redbox movie and make popcorn
  37. Build something together
  38. Teach each other something new
  39. Try to break a record
  40. Visit open houses

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