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Dark Harvest Haunted Attraction

Dark Harvest, a family-run immersive haunted maze attraction in Garden Grove, promises spine-chilling scares, loud noises, gory visuals, and a truly terrifying Halloween experience. This year Dark Harvest outgrew its former location in Anaheim and has found a much bigger area in Garden Grove to bring you more thrills and chills.

The haunted attraction is designed to ignite the Halloween spirit, promising an unforgettable and frightening experience for thrill-seekers. You can venture into two chilling haunted mazes where you’ll encounter terrifying spirits, intense special effects, startling visuals, and loud noises.

Additionally, Hauntington Beach Manor has collaborated with Dark Harvest to present their haunted house, formerly located at the Westminster Mall. It will be an interactive attraction along with the two haunted mazes.

Dark Harvest Haunted Attraction

Dark Harvest Website | Tickets ($30–$45)
Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Youtube

Where: Shady Pines Asylum
Address: 10201 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92843
(off the 22 freeway on Brookhurst St. and Garden Grove Blvd)

Dates: Friday, September 29 – Tuesday, October 31, 2023
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only + Halloween
September 29th & 30th
October 1, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, & 31
Friday & Saturday: 7 pm-11 pm
Sunday: 7 pm-10 pm
Thursday, Oct 19 & 26: 7 pm-10 pm
Halloween: 7 pm-10 pm

Shady Pines Asylum: The Escape Maze

Shady Pines Asylum once held the darkest secrets of Dr. Bodkin and its twisted orderlies. With the asylum now in ruins, the truth about his experiments will make your blood run cold. The doctor and his demented co-conspirators have gone on the run, but they have left a trail of evidence that leads to their ultimate, insidious plan.

Are you ready to face your fears and uncover the horror of Shady Pines Asylum? Step into the abandoned facility, and brace yourself for the most spine-chilling event of the year. With every step, you’ll uncover more secrets as the hunt for the perpetrators continues. Can you survive the terror unleashed by Dr. Bodkins’ failed experiments?

Experience the ultimate thrill of your life. Live the horror and see if you’ll make it out alive!

The ScaryClowns Maze

On a dark October night, it all began with the savage and sadistic sounds of demented laughter; as a group of pranksters, dressed like SCARY CLOWNS went out into the darkness of night to terrorize a group of unsuspecting hotel guests. Their goal was to unleash the sickest and scariest pranks imaginable for YouTube fame. Until it all went wrong.

It was supposed to be the mother of all clown pranks. Trap a group of weary travelers in an old hotel full of creepy clowns and scare them to death. Terror, torment, torture… and much more. Do clowns scare you? Are you afraid of the dark? Do you frighten easily?

TONIGHT, you’ll find out for yourself because TONIGHT there is nowhere to run and hide and absolutely NO escape. You are trapped in a haunted hotel full of scary clowns.

What to Know

  • It will take approximately 20 minutes to get through both of our attractions Shady Pines Asylum: The Escape and The Scary Clowns.
  • Parking onsite is free but very limited. Be prepared to park in the business behind us which has ample parking.
  • Due to close proximity with actors in certain locations inside the Haunted House, accidental physical contact may be made between actors and audience members, however, actor contact is not intentional and is never designed to be a part of the experience.
  • Dark Harvest is NOT RECOMMENDED for children under ages 13 years old. The event is a very intense, frightful, horror themed experience. It’s best enjoyed by older teens and adults who desire to be scared or emotionally shocked for entertainment purposes.
  • During your experience at Dark Harvest, you may experience extremely gory and scary situations, foul odors, strobe lighting, lasers, fog, dizziness, and you may get wet.

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