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Parks with Workout Equipment & Outdoor Gyms

Here is a guide to all the Orange County parks that have outdoor workout equipment, outdoor gyms and fitness and obstacle courses. Whether you want to lift weights, focus on cardio, improve your calisthenics, or train to be a Ninja Warrior, these parks all have something to offer.

Aside from the obvious benefit of a free workout, exercising outdoors has numerous health benefits that you cannot find exercising indoors. When you take your workout outside, you put yourself in a position to boost your mental health, challenge your body in new ways, relieve stress, burn more calories and breather cleaner, healthier air.

Parks With Workout Equipment & Outdoor Gyms

Note: Most parks are free except some regional parks that have parking fees. OC Parks annual passes are a great option if you plan to frequent often.

Aliso Viejo

Canyon View Park – There is a fitness area that features pull up bars, parallel bars, low bars or jump platforms. The stations can be used individually or as part of an obstacle course for street workouts, parkour, etc.

Ridgecrest Park – There are six fitness stations around the large, looped walkway next to the tennis courts in Ridgecrest Park. The stations allow homeowners to exercise their arms, legs, and stomach core.


Tracks at Brea Trail – The multi-use trail is four miles long and includes nine fitness stations.

The City of Brea also offers outdoor bootcamps called Brea Movement Bootcamp.

Buena Park

The Buena Park parks have outdoor exercise features for warm up and flexibility, lower and upper body exercises and body weight exercises.

  • Charles A. Lindbergh Park
  • George Bellis Park
  • San Marino Park
  • William Peak Park

Costa Mesa

Tanager Park – This park has high bars, pull up bars, parallel bars, Swedish wall bars, low bars, monkeybars, and incline ab benches for core workouts. The outdoor exercise park is great for calisthenics, street training, freeletics, bootcamp, parkour strength training, bodyweight and ninja workouts.


Lexington Park – There two fitness zones, body mass resistant strength machines in one zone and calisthenics and core workout machines in another zone. Plus an 8’ wide walking path (1/3 Mile) and a lighted multi-use court (basketball, pickleball & volleyball).

Dana Point

Sycamore Creek Park Trail by Del Obispo Park – There is a running and TimberForm fitness route. You follow the route in numerical sequence. Walk, jog, or run between the fitness stations depending upon your level of conditioning. Signposts are strategically located along the route, directing you toward the next station. Each exercise station includes a graphic display to help explain the fitness activity to be done. Three ability levels are indicated, with a suggested number of repetitions shown for each exercise. The exercise stations are great for improved flexibility, increased stamina, muscle toning, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Fountain Valley

Mile Square Park – There is a Timberform fitness par course with several stations. These workouts are great for bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, sling training, ninja warrior, parkour, crossfit and much more.

Garden Grove

All Garden Grove parks with exercise equipment installed have Greenfield’s Outdoor Fitness body mass resistant machines.

Civic Center Park – Similar to all Garden Grove parks fitness stations.

Eastgate Park – An eight-person workout station that uses levers and pulleys is available to residents. Exercisers can do resistance workouts, calisthenics, parallel dips and lat pull downs and plyometrics.

Eastgate Park – Garden Grove, CA from Greenfields Outdoor Fitness on Vimeo.

Garden Grove Park – The outdoor fitness equipment has a total of 15 body mass resistant machines which includes an air walker, cross country ski, leg press, and elliptical cross trainer. The fitness zone is just south of the Sports and Recreation Center.

Garden Grove Park Fitness Equipment
Garden Grove Park Fitness Equipment

Jardin de los Niños in Buena Clinton – Similar to all Garden Grove parks fitness stations.

Magnolia Park – Similar to all Garden Grove parks fitness stations.

Woodbury Park – Coming soon! As part of a $6,000,000 improvement project 9 equipment stations similar to other Garden Grove parks and will be installed adjacent to the north end of the parking lot.

Huntington Beach

Harriett M. Wieder Regional Park – The Harriett M. Wieder Park Fitness Zone includes 8 to 10 fitness elements for weight bearing and cardio activities. There is a large grassy open space at the park and great views of Bolsa Chica State Beach.


Deerfield Community Park – There are several exercise stations situated throughout the park.

Lakeview Senior Center – Four outdoor exercise stations are open to the public for drop-in use during park hours to ages 14 and older. The exercise equipment is located just outside the Lakeview Senior Center patio

Mason Regional Park – Another TimberForm physical fitness route, this one includes a pull up bar combined with a pole bar for human flag, leg flex, rising steps and more. The spot is a good choice for bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, and par course workouts. The fitness course is located in the northeast end of the park near one of the playgrounds and parking lot E.

Laguna Hills

Mandeville Park – There is fitness trail loop with pull up bars and calisthenics stations.

Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel Regional Park – There is a Timberform par course with stations along the park’s two-mile jogging trail.

Lake Forest

Concourse Park (Lake Forest) – This park has Greenfield’s Outdoor Fitness body mass resistant machines along the edge of a sidewalk.

El Toro Park – The fitness equipment varies but you’ll find cross training, stay fit, and strength training machines. There is also path for running and riding bikes. The fitness section is by the tennis courts and away from the playground.

Portola Park – There are a few strength training machines at the front entrance and fitness stations along the paved pathway. The park also features a 1-acre dog park, pickleball courts, playground, and trail connections to Whiting Ranch.

Rimgate Park – Along the paved pathway there is fitness circuit with six stations. There are also basketball and tennis courts at Rimgate park.

Mission Viejo

Oso Viejo Park – There is an outdoor workout gym at the north end of what is called the “Village Green”. The exercise equipment features three different stations that work upper, lower, and core muscle groups by using the body’s own weight as resistance.

Newport Beach

Marina Park (Balboa Peninsula) – There is an outdoor fitness circuit for adults to workout by the beach.


Grijalva Park – The outdoor exercise circuit has 19 pieces of equipment that utilize the body’s mass for resistance. There are both weight resistance and cardio machines. The fitness area is located at the back end of the park next to the basketball courts. Grijalva is easily accessible from the extensive Santiago Creek Bike Trail (SCBT).

Grijalva Park from Greenfields Outdoor Fitness on Vimeo.

Irvine Regional Park – There are approximately 12 exercise stations allowing for a full body workout including lat pull, vertical press, leg press, abs and dips station, and chest press machines. This outdoor gym equipment employs the body’s mass for resistance and can be used by all ages, regardless of the user’s fitness level. The fitness zone is located at the far east end of the park between Lots M and R.

Irvine Park Fitness Equipment
Irvine Park Fitness Equipment

Schaffer Park – The outdoor exercise circuit is similar to Grijalva with a mixture of weight resistance and cardio machines made by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness. There is also a meandering walking path.

Shaffer Park Fitness Area
Shaffer Park Fitness Equipment


Tri-City Regional Park – This park features a workout zone with plenty of shade from the nearby trees. Stations include pull up bars/parallel bars, jump platforms, and body mass resistant machines.

Rancho Santa Margarita

Rancho Santa Margarita Lake (Lago Santa Margarita) – There is a 1.1-mile publicly accessible path around the lake with bodyweight exercise stations along the way including pull-up bars.

San Clemente

Marblehead Park – The park has a walking and jogging loop with an exercise course. There are a variety of fitness stations including pull-up bars.

San Clemente Beach Trail – There are pull-up bars near the lifeguard station by the San Clemente pier.

Santa Ana

These Santa Ana Parks Offer Outdoor Exercise Equipment:

Garfield Park Exercise Equipment

All Santa Ana parks with exercise equipment installed have Greenfield’s Outdoor Fitness body mass resistant machines. Exercisers can do resistance workouts, calisthenics, parallel dips and lat pull downs, and plyometrics. All ability levels are welcome.

The City of Santa Ana has plans to install additional fitness courts to more parks.

These Santa Ana Parks Offer Fitness Courts:

Cabrillo Park Fitness Court
Cabrillo Park Fitness Court

The Fitness Court® is an outdoor bodyweight circuit training system that supports 28 simultaneous users on 30 separate pieces of equipment that are grouped into seven stations. The 7 movement, 7-minute system, provides a full-body workout to people of all ability levels. Additionally, each court is wrapped in murals by local artist and has shade structures installed to provide a more comfortable workout experience.


Stanton Central Park – This park has Greenfield’s Outdoor Fitness body mass resistant machines along the edge of the dirt path.


Cedar Grove Park – This park has Greenfield’s Outdoor Fitness body mass resistant machines.

Laurel Glen Park – The park has a parcourse, obstacle course, plus fitness stations including for core and torso exercises.

Veterans Sports Park – There is an outdoor gym with exercise stations off Severyns Rd and next to the tennis courts.

Villa Park

Villa Park Knowles & Trails – Located on N Wanda Rd at Katella Ave this small park features calisthenic bars and structures including parallel bars, core strength board, and horizontal bars for pull ups and other exercises. There are also a few more located on dirt path trails throughout the city.

Villa Park Knowles
Villa Park Knowles Fitness Station

Yorba Linda

Yorba Regional Park – There is a physical fitness course located by the east end exit and parking lot K as well as many hiking and walking trails.

Orange County Beaches

Instead of going to the gym or the park try taking your workout to the beach. Exercising on sand offers not only amazing views but also a huge strength and weight loss benefits. The beach is a great place to work out because the sand makes it harder for your feet and legs to easily stabilize, meaning your entire body has to work harder while you run or perform different strength moves. 

Public Schools Outdoor Exercise & Calisthenics Equipment

Where permitted by the local school district after hours, public school grounds are another option where you’ll find outdoor calisthenics and exercise equipment and even tracks. Be sure to check with the school or school district to ensure the grounds are open to the community.

Health Clubs, Fitness Centers & Gyms with Outdoor Exercise Equipment

These paid gyms all have outdoor workout areas as part of the club amenities:

Equinox Orange County (Irvine) – The self-titled Playground is located on the rooftop and includes ropes, kettle bells, bar bells, free weights, punching bag, running track and much more.

YMCA Newport Mesa Family (Newport Beach) – There is an area by the pool with cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights, mats, pull up bars, ropes, heavy balls, and more.

YMCA Fullerton Family (Fullerton) – The outdoor workout area includes a weight bench, free weights, workout tire, and other items.

In addition to fitness centers, there are many fitness classes and smaller studios that include workout equipment in a wide variety of outdoor areas including rooftops, beaches, parks, parking lots, shopping centers and more.

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