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Cryptocurrency & NFTs in Orange County

Cryptocurrency is growing, and people are starting to incorporate different currencies as a form of payment in restaurants, retail stores, and more. You can even find ATMs all around the country that allow you to buy and sell various forms of currency.

Crypto and NFTs In Orange County

Online, it is easy to search for various sites that accept cryptocurrency, but what if you want something a little more local? Or maybe you want a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to commemorate your time in Orange County, California.

This compilation will cover the various places you can find a cryptocurrency ATM in Orange County, as well as some of the physical businesses that accept cryptocurrency. We will also cover some ways Orange County has incorporated the ability to buy and sell these online currencies. And if you want an NFT to remind you of your home, or the best part of your trip, we’ve covered some of those too.

Keep reading to find lists and details about all your cryptocurrency needs in Orange County, California.

How to Find Crypto ATMs, NFT & Crypto Companies in Orange County

Finding places that accept cryptocurrency is getting easier and easier every day. In Orange County, California, there are plenty of places that host ATMs so you can move around your currency.

Coin ATM Radar

If you want to see what ATMs are in your area that allows cryptocurrency, Coin ATM Radar is a great option. You can search by county, state, current address, and more to see what is nearby. You can also choose whether you are buying or selling cryptocurrency, so you can search for ATMs that have the features you need.

When it gives you the list of ATMs, the website also tells you the daily limits, the fees, how far away it is from you, the name of the ATM company, and the name of the business where the ATM is located.

If you click on details, you can get the address, information about the business, phone numbers, and more.

The program defaults to Bitcoins as their default ATM search, but the website allows you to choose between a variety of major cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Lightning BTC (LBTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ether (ETH)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Ripple (XRP)


If you want to be able to find locations easily from your phone, Coinme app might be an option for you. There is an app available for both Apple and Android devices.

Coinme focuses on Bitcoin transfers. They have low fees, customer service, and high-security standards to help you feel confident and secure when using their ATMs or app. They are backed by companies such as Coinstar,, NIMA Capital, and more.

Since they are part of Coinstar, you can buy bitcoin from most newer Coinstar machines. You can also buy and sell Bitcoin at Moneygram through Coinme.


If you have the iPhone app, you may find that with Yelp, you can search for places that accept cryptocurrency as payment. Unfortunately, this feature seems to only be available for the iPhone app and is not yet available on Android or the desktop version.

Hopefully, Yelp will see how useful the feature could be and implement it for everyone. It is worth keeping an eye out for this feature to come to the desktop or your phone. When it does roll out, it could easily allow you to find retailers, restaurants, and companies that accept cryptocurrency in your area.

If you go to the yelp page of a restaurant or store, you can look at their amenities to see if they accept cryptocurrency on any platform, you just are unable to search for the amenity.


If you are looking for a job in the cryptocurrency field, Bling Financial is one worth checking out. They are located in Orange County (Irvine, California to be precise). Currently, they are looking for managers and various software engineers, but they may need more people if they start to grow.

Hermes Bitcoin

Hermes Bitcoin focuses on the Los Angeles and Orange County area, and are Bitcoin ATMs locally, instead of being a large chain. On top of allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, they write a variety of blogs, such as ‘How to start a bitcoin atm business’ and ‘How to purchase bitcoin from a bitcoin atm’. They also have many education pages about how the ATMs work if they are safe, and the regulations.

They are a relatively new business, having only started in 2021. They only have one ATM in Orange County, which is located at the Magicland Market in Anaheim, California, but they are quickly expanding, so you may soon find one in your area.

NFT Distribution Company

The NFT Distribution Company is located in Newport Beach, California. They are working to help create NFTs for emerging artists and companies.

They specialize in all things NFTs.

  • Creation
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Conversions
  • Web Design
  • Education
  • Investments
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • 4D
  • Animation
  • Automation
  • Production
  • Music
  • Film
  • Distribution
  • Tokenization
  • Merchandise
  • IRL Exhibitions
  • Etc.

In late 2022, they hosted an exhibition of their work in Orange County. You can visit their website and get more information about their events as they occur.

They also support both big companies and artists as well as those that are more local. So by going to one of these events, you might be able to support a local business.

Retailers & Restaurants Accepting Crypto in Orange County

California has the most businesses that accept cryptocurrency. Below are some examples of places just in Orange County that accept various forms of cryptocurrency, so you have an idea of places to visit. These are reported by people online, so it is always best to call ahead and confirm before heading to the restaurant or store.

Car Dealerships

  • Tesla
  • Lamborghini


  • Pokeology
  • C Town Bakery
  • Gokoku Vegetarian Ramen Shop
  • Monsieur Crepe
  • Ahi Sushi and Grill
  • Foxy Noodles & BBQ
  • Zen Street
  • Nexx Burger


  • Village Florist
  • Rose Flowers
  • Kate Flowers
  • Heirloom & Company
  • Kingdomroses1
  • K&G Flowers
  • Chloe+Mint
  • Freddy’s Floral Production
  • XOXO Floral and Balloons
  • Marose Flowers and Chocolates
  • Ariana Et Fleur
  • Floranic
  • The Only Roses


  • Matrix Virtual Arcade
  • Njoy Games & Comics


  • Tino Productions
  • Rat Hole
  • Nivessa Vinyl Records Store Shop
  • Hollywood DJ


  • L&D Toys (Toy Store)
  • SoCal Hobbies (Hobby Store)
  • Budovideos (Sporting Goods)
  • YummySweets&Gifts (Candy Store)
  • G33k antiqu3 (Comic Books)
  • Headquarters (Social Club)

NFTs About Orange County

Orange County is a popular place in California and is well-known throughout the majority of the United States. Therefore, it makes sense that there are so many NFTs based on the county. It is a gorgeous region, with plenty of beaches, beautiful sunsets, and powerful buildings. It also has Disneyland, which is a place everyone dreams about visiting at least once, right?

Even if you can’t afford to go visit, you might be able to purchase an NFT so you have some piece of the magic, or perhaps to help you remember your goals so you can save up to visit your favorite areas in Orange County. Plus, NFTs give you a priceless piece of art that you have sole rights to and get to claim ownership of, so why wouldn’t you want to buy one?

For the most part, you can go onto sites such as Open Sea, Axie Infinity, Rarible, etc, and type in Orange County or a location to get NFTs that are of that area. Even The local soccer team is jumping on the bandwagon and starting to design NFTs for their team.

Some examples of Orange County themed NFTs are:


  • Disneyland
  • Donald Duck
  • Dana Point

    Newport Beach

    Huntington Beach

    Laguna Beach

    San Clemente

    Orange County Beach

    Most, if not all, of the above NFTs, are from Opensea, which is one of the biggest platforms for NFTs. However, if you use or are familiar with a different platform, the guidelines are the same. Simply search for Orange County, or the location you want to purchase a part of and there should be plenty of options to choose from.

    Orange County Missions and Shelters

    A lot of people are starting to understand that cryptocurrency is here to stay. In Orange County, they have been quick to make it a way to help the community.

    Groups like the Orange County Rescue Mission and the local YMCA have made it so that people that want to help can send in donations of cryptocurrency to their programs.

    YMCA accepts donations through BitPay. The money goes into the Fundraising Campaign after being converted to dollars. This campaign is made to help people access services and programs that they wouldn’t be able to perform otherwise.

    The Orange County Rescue Mission accepts donations through Engiven, which supports 39 different forms of cryptocurrency. It is again transferred back into US dollars and then goes to their numerous projects to help the community. This includes needed services and necessary items.

    If you have extra cryptocurrency and want to give back to the local community, think about donating to one of these programs. The Rescue Mission is currently in dire need of hygiene items for those in their shelter and would appreciate those items being donated, or cash donations.

    Orange County Meetups for Cryptocurrency

    Perhaps you want to meet others involved in cryptocurrency in your area. Thanks to a website known as Meetup, you can schedule and meet others that want to be part of the cryptocurrency scene.

    There are meetups, events, and groups all around Orange County, so you can find people to connect with. Just search for your location, or type of currency, and you should easily find a group or event that fits your style.

    The ‘Orange County Bitcoin Network Meet-Up Group’ from above also focuses on teaching locals about new ways to earn Bitcoin. In 2019, they had a party to celebrate the browser extension known as Lolli to help raise awareness and celebrate an easy way to earn Bitcoin doing normal things on your computer.

    If you want to meet up with them, they frequently post on Bitcoin Talk about their next meetups, as well as on the Meetup website.

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