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California Vegetable & Fruit Seasons

The following California vegetable and fruit chart gives the months of the year when various California fruits and vegetables are typically in season. The calendar provides approximate harvest dates because weather, location, and many other factors can affect availability.

Find seasonal fruits and vegetables at local farmers market near you.

California Vegetable & Fruit Seasons

In-season California Produce Calendar

Fruit/VegetableIn Season
ApplesJuly – January
AsparagusJanuary – April
ApricotsMay – July
ApplesJuly – November
ArtichokesYear Round
AsparagusMarch – June
AvocadosMarch – September
BasilApril – December
Beans, GreenApril – December
BeetsYear Round
Berries, otherMay – October
BlueberriesApril – July
BroccoliJanuary – August
Brussels SproutSeptember – May
CabbageYear Round
CarambolaJanuary, October – November
CarrotsYear Round
CauliflowerYear Round
CeleryYear Round
ChardJanuary – June
CherriesApril – July
Chili PepperAugust – September, December
  Blood OrangeJanuary – March
  GrapefruitJanuary – November
  KumquatsJanuary – June
  LemonsYear Round
  Navel OrangesJanuary – June
  NectarinesApril – September
  OrangesYear Round
  Tangelos/Tangerines January – April
  Valencia OrangesOctober – December
CollardsYear Round
CornMay – December
CucumberApril – November
Dates, MedjoolJanuary – May
EggplantMay – December
FigsMay – November
GarlicYear Round
GrapesMay – January
Guava, PineappleSeptember – December
KaleYear Round
KiwiOctober – May
KohlrabiYear Round
LettuceYear Round
MushroomsYear Round
MelonsJune – August
MustardYear Round
NutsYear Round
OkraMay – December
Olives/Olive OilYear Round
Onion, dryMay – December
Onion, greenYear Round
Passion FruitYear Round
PeachesMay – November
PearsJune – September
Pears, AsianMay – September
Peas, black-eyedMay – November
Peas, greenJanuary – May
PeppersMay – December
PersimmonsAugust – November
PlumsMay – September
PotatoesMay – December
PomegranatesOctober – December
PrunesYear Round
PumpkinsSeptember – November
RadishesYear Round
RaisinsYear Round
RaspberriesApril – December
SapoteJuly – November
SpinachYear Round
Squash, SummerMay – November
Squash, WinterAugust – December
StrawberriesFebruary – October
Sweet PotatoesYear Round
TomatillosAugust – December
TomatoesApril – November
TurnipsYear Round
YamsOctober – December

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