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Roar Cultural Festival (Korean Festival)

The annual Roar Festival is a free 3-day Korean event that takes place in Fullerton Downtown Plaza and welcomes all communities. Anticipating thousands of attendees, the festival merges Korean cuisine, artists, performers, and vendors, offering an immersive celebration of Korean heritage.

Presented by Daroo Korean Performing Arts and Culture in collaboration with the City of Fullerton, this event marks a decade of the festival’s presence in Los Angeles and introduces the annual Korean culture festival to Fullerton for the first time.

Roar Cultural Festival (Korean Festival)

Roar Korean Festival

Roar Festival Website

Where: Fullerton Downtown Plaza
Address: 125 E Wilshire Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
When: Friday, October 27 thru Sunday, October 29, 2023
Event Host: City of Fullerton, Daroo KPAC

Schedule of Events

  • Area 1: Music Performance & The 10th Korean Traditional Music and Arts Festival
  • Area 2: K-Art Craft Street
  • Area 3: Korean Culture Street
  • Area 4: Kids’ Fun Fiesta

Day 1: Friday, October 27

Opening ceremony, Performance, Demonstration, Exhibition, Experience

  1. Opening Ceremony: 3:00 pm, stage 1
  2. Celebration performance by a folk Korean music ensemble: 3:30 pm ~ 5:00 pm, Stage 1
  3. Arts craft Demonstration: 5:00 pm ~ 5:30 pm, stage 2
  4. K-Food Competition & Demonstration: 6:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm, Stage 3 (Area 5)
  5. Korean fusion performance & Art craft Demo: 7:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm, Stage 1 & 2
  6. K-Pop music & dance performance: Fri, 10/27, 8:00 pm ~ 8:30 pm
  7. Flash Mob performance: Fri, 10/27, 8:30 pm ~ 8:40 pm

Day 2: Saturday, October 28

The 10th Korean Traditional Music and Arts Festival & Performance

  1. The 10th Korean Traditional Music and Arts Festival: 2:00 pm ~ 8:30 pm, Stage 1 & 2
  2. K-Food Demonstration: 6:00 pm ~ 6:40 pm, Stage 3 (Area 5)

Day 3: Sunday, October 29

Performance, Demo, and Experience, Closing ceremony

  1. Performance by the Winning Team of the Competition: 3:00 pm ~ 4:30 pm, Stage 1
  2. Traditional game Demonstration: 5:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm, stage 2
  3. K-Food Demonstration: 6:00 pm ~ 6:40 pm, Stage 3 (Area 5)
  4. Closing show: 7:00 pm ~ 8:30 pm, Stage 2
  5. Closing Ceremony: 8:30 pm

Kids’ Fun Fiesta

Special activities for Kids in the Park, day 1 through 3

About Daroo Korean Performing Arts and Culture

Daroo Korean Performing Arts and Culture was founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to spread and promote Korean folk music and performing arts in the U.S. The mission is to pass down the legacy and introduce the spirit of Korea to non-Korean communities. They have been hosting music & arts education and performances since 2007 and have been holding the Annual Korean Traditional Music & Arts Festival with performers of different ages and backgrounds from all over the United States. For the last ten years, this festival has been held in Los Angeles. This year, Daroo is seeking to host the 11th Annual Korean Culture Festival in the City of Fullerton. The purpose of the event is to promote Korean culture and introduce Korean heritage to non-Korean communities. The event will include Korean arts, culture, food, and live musical performances.

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