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Marriott Newport Villas Building Selection Guide

Choosing the perfect villa to suit your needs and preferences can be tricky sometimes, especially considering the multitude of options available. This guide will help you select just the right villa.

See our Marriott Newport Villa Guide for detailed property descriptions with pictures, things to know, and things to do.

About the Villa Buildings

The 70-acre hillside site features 41 buildings ranging from two to four stories. Each building is based on traditional Italian hill towns and villages. Balconies, roof overhangs, and terraces create an air of informality that is reflective of the casual lifestyle of a vacation resort. Sprawled over the rolling hillside the buildings create a Mediterranean-style village characterized by stone finished, sculpted plaster detailing, and Spanish clay tile roofs.

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Building Map

Most buildings have elevators and self-serve bellman luggage carts available. There is an ice machine in each building and an area to drop off trash.

There are many conveniently located gas grills and patios by all buildings throughout the property. Billed as a smoke free property, there is smoking allowed in several designated outside areas throughout the resort.

Marriott Newport Villas BBQ Area

Which Building at Newport Coast Villas to Choose?

Building numbers range from 1000 to 5100. The buildings in the 1000s start closest to the Pacific Ocean and then ascend uphill with the 5000 buildings at the highest point.

Scenic Views

The resort is surrounded by the Newport coastline and overlooks the exclusive Pelican Hill Golf Course, the Pacific Ocean, and complete with views of Catalina Island.

As a general rule the buildings higher up the hill will have better ocean views as will the villas that are in the higher stories. The property is on a hill but it is flatter towards the Pacific ocean where the 1000 buildings are located and steeper where the 4000 and 5000 buildings are located.

Floor Levels

The highest floors will offer the best views with less chance of noise from outside, through the walls, or kids running or jumping.

Lower floors are easier to unload and load your belongings and offer a quicker path out of the buildings. If you’re on a higher floor such as the 4th floor you’ll either be walking four flights of stairs or waiting for a single elevator. Lower floors may also be available at better rates since the view may be limited.

People with disabilities or difficulty moving around may prefer lower floors.

Location, Location, Location

There is no best location or villa. It’s personal preference as each villa offers varying degrees of views, privacy, and location to preferred activities and environments.

The closer the villa is to the main building the closer you are to all the activities, food and drinks, and a more lively environment. Villas farther away offer more privacy, quieter pools, and unique things to do that the main building area doesn’t offer. For instance, the smaller pools offer better setups for large groups of families and friends to congregate. Tennis lovers may enjoy being situated right next to the tennis courts and parents with small children may prefer the walk in pool and kids splash area.

There is a by request only shuttle service to navigate across the resort but there can be a wait for the shuttle to arrive.

Villa Number Meanings

Each villa has four numbers. The first two digits is the building number, the next digit is floor number, and the last digit is the villa number. For instance, villa 2025 will be building 2000, 2nd floor, villa 5.

Villa Building Notes

1000 Buildings

All 1000 buildings are 2-stories offering less of an opportunity for ocean views. They are situated along the fenced Pelican Hill Golf Course with tree hedges just inside the fence. Most of the 1200-1900 buildings have little or no views including resort trees blocking views since they are only two-stories.

The Tide Pool is the closest pool which has a walk in pool and a children’s water slide and splash pad area.

Starting from building 1000 and ascending the further away you are from the main building. Buildings 1600 to 1900 are not too far away from the main pool and building. To get to the main pool entrance there are two flights of stairs.

Villa Building 1000

2-stories, no elevator

The lower level will be more obstructed with the pool fence than overlook the pool. Trees may block views.

Building 1000 Room 1012 View
View from Building 1000 Villa 1012 (First Floor)

Villa Building 1100

2-stories, no elevator

The balcony also faces the Tide Pool. Trees and the pool fence may block views especially on the first floor.

Building 1100 Room 1125 View
Building 1100 Villas overlooking Tide Pool

Villa Building 1200

2-stories, no elevator

Views are mostly of the golf course through the trees. The ocean may be visible from some rooms.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 1200 View
View from Building 1200 (first floor), Facing Golf Course
Marriot Newport Villas Building 1500 View
Building 1200 View from Paved Road (First Floor)

Villa Building 1300

2-stories, no elevator

Views are mostly of the golf course through the trees. The ocean may be visible from some rooms.

Villa Building 1400

2-stories, no elevator

Views are mostly of the golf course through the trees. The ocean may be visible from some rooms.

Paved Road From Building 1400-1200
The Greenbelt ends at Building 1500, 1400 to 1200 are a paved road

Villa Building 1500

2-stories, no elevator

Greenbelt Area From Buildings 1500 to 2000
The Greenbelt Starts at Building 1500 and goes to Building 2000, Golf Course on Right

Villa Building 1600

2-stories, no elevator

Villa Building 1700

2-stories, no elevator

Villa Building 1800

2-stories, no elevator

Patio Area Between Buildings 1900-1800
Grill & Patio Area between Buildings 1800 & 1900

Villa Building 1900

2-stories, no elevator

2000 series building are mentioned as good ocean views. 

Villa Building 2000

3-stories, elevator

Building 2000 is a short walk and two flights of stair to the main pool entrance. It is a one minute walk away from Pacific Park and all the sports activities there including the playground and sports court.

Building 2000 Room 2025 View
Ocean View from Building 2000 Villa 2025 (Second Floor)

Villa Building 2100

3-stories, elevator

Building 2100 is one level higher than building 2000 and thus closer to the main pool and Pacific Park. The playground is directly behind the villas.

Villa Building 2200

4-stories, elevator

Building 2200 is very centrally located with one flight of stairs access to the main pool entrance. Lower level views are obstructed by trees and 1000 buildings.

Villa Building 2300

3-storiess, elevator

Centrally located. Great ocean views but lower floor views may be partially obstructed.

Villa Building 2400


This building is set above the over 2000 buildings and no stairs are needed to get the main building area.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 2400 View
First Floor View from Building 2400

Villa Building 2500

3-stories, elevator

Beautiful ocean views but lower floor views may be partially obstructed.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 2500 View
Building 2500 Villa 2510 View (First Floor)

Villa Building 2600

2-stories, no elevator

Great ocean views but lower floor views may be partially obstructed.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 2600 View
Building 2500 Villa 2510 View (First Floor)

Villa Building 2700

4-stories, elevator

Great ocean views but lower floor views may be partially obstructed.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 2700 View
Building 2700 Villa 2711 View (First Floor)

Villa Building 2800

4-stories, elevator

2800 is perched on a small hill which allows for scenic ocean views. There are no stairs to get to and from the main building.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 2800
Building 2800 is set high above Building 2600 & 2800 for great Ocean Views

Villa Building 2900

3-stories, elevator

The balconies face Newport Coast Drive with many trees directly in front of the balconies. Some end units on the southern side will have ocean views. Traffic from the street can be heard.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 2900 View
1st level view facing Newport Coast Drive

Villa Building 3000

4-stories, elevator

Buildings 3000, 3100, or 3200 are above a parking garage and there are no villas on the first floor. There is easy access to the parking structure, elevators, and a short, no stairs walk to the main reception area, pools, and kids activity center.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 3000
Great Ocean Views facing Southeast, partially obstructed on the Southwest side.

Villa Building 3100

4-stories, elevator

See building 3000.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 3100
Great Ocean Views

Villa Building 3200

4-stories, elevator

See building 3000.

Villa Building 3300

4-stories, elevator

Higher floors have partial views. This is a first floor view which through the trees is the hotel lobby entrance.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 3300 View
1st level view of the hotel lobby and Triton fountain

Villa Building 3400

3-stories, elevator

This building is behind building 3300 and the balconies face Newport Coast Drive. Traffic from the street can be heard.

Villa Building 3500

3-stories, elevator

See building 3300.

Villa Building 3600

3-stories, elevator

This is the main building and you can’t get any closer to the activity and amazing views overlooking the pools and pacific ocean. The villas do offer less privacy and more chances of noise because you are right above the main pool and lobby.

Villa Building 3700

3-stories, elevator

Building 3600 Pacific Park View
Balcony’s Facing side view of Pacific Park, Limited Ocean Views

Villa Building 3800

4-stories, elevator

This building is set high above Pacific Park offering amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Short, flightless walk to the main area.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 3800 View
Balcony’s overlooking Pacific Park and Pacific Ocean

Villa Building 3900

4-stories, elevator

Similar setup to 3800.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 3900 Ocean View

Villa Building 4000

3-stories, elevator

4000 to 4200 offer unobstructed views of the Pelican Hill Golf Course, Catalina Island and the Pacific Ocean. It is short walk through Pacific Park to get to the main area or the Canyons pool and tennis courts.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 4000 View
Clear Views of Golf Course and Pacific Ocean

Villa Building 4100

4-stories, elevator

See Building 4000.

Between Buildings 4100-4200 View & Grill Area
Grill & Patio Area Overlooking Golf Course and Pacific Ocean (Between Building 4100 & 4200)

Villa Building 4200

2-stories, no elevator

See Building 4000.

*Note Building 4200 has no elevator.

Villa Building 4300

4-stories, elevator

As you go from building 4300 to 4700 the views improve for lower units. There is some rooftop and tree line obstruction for lower villas especially starting at 4300.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 4300 View
Limited Ocean Views from First Floor

Villa Building 4400

4-stories, elevator

See 4300. Obstructions begin to diminish.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 4400 View
Ocean Views from all floors

Villa Building 4500

4-stories, elevator

See 4300. Views are so clear there is a telescope to view the Crystal Cove State Park and the ocean.

Villas Building between 4400-4500
Telescope to view Ocean & Golf Course Between Buildings 4400 & 4500

Villa Building 4600

4-stories, elevator

Villa Building 4700

4-stories, elevator

This building has sweeping views of the ocean, golf course, and hillside homes. Some villas only face the hillside so no matter how high you are, you’ll still only have views of the hillside. A high corner villa might be one of the best villas with a view.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 4700 Ocean View
Ocean Facing Balcony & Lawn View
Marriot Newport Villas Building 4700 Hillside View
Building 4700 View of Multi-Million Dollar Homes from Balconies Facing Hillside

Villa Building 4800

3-stories, elevator

Marriot Newport Villas Building 4800 Ocean View
Beautiful ocean views even on 1st level.

Villa Building 4900

4-stories, elevator

5000 or 5100 then you’ll not only have the newest buildings, but you’ll have a pool and exercise room in your backyard, as well as some BBQ grills. 

Marriot Newport Villas Building 4900 View
Lower levels are partially obstructed ocean views.

Villa Building 5000

4-stories, elevator

Marriot Newport Villas Building 5000 View
Lower level view

Villa Building 5100

3-stories, elevator

The Canyons pool is right outside the building plus there is a separate smaller fitness center and tennis courts adjacent to the these villas. Far away from the main pool, Tide pool, gym, and spa.

Marriot Newport Villas Building 5100 View
First floor view of pool entrance.

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