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What is Fever aka Fever Up?

Fever, also known as Fever Up, is a live-entertainment discovery platform where users receive a curated list of events including nightlife, concerts, festivals, exhibits, immersive experiences, pop-up events, sports, courses, workshops and much more. By making purchases through Fever users can earn up to 20% cashback to use towards future event purchases while also receiving other perks.

What Is Fever Up?

Fever Up

Fever Up Website

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Fever Features

  • Exclusive events: Access to exclusive events that you can only find on the Fever platform.
  • Fever filters: Handy filters that allow you to search by date & time.
  • Favorite events: List of favorite experiences for easy access to the events that you like the most.
  • Ticket transfers: Easy ticket transfer system that allows you to send friends and family tickets with no fuss.
  • Map of event locations: Up-to-date map that shows you the events near you and in your city.
  • User based recommendations: Personalized recommendations for events and experiences based on your likes.
  • Fully mobile, paper-free tickets: no printer required as tickets are scanned from your mobile device.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support and chat with a Customer Support team, available in 8 languages.
  • Fever Club: Reward system on all ticket purchases thanks to your Fever wallet.

Note: Booking fees do apply similar to Ticketmaster and other booking platforms.

Types of Events & Experiences

  • Tours, trips, adventures: Discover new places and experiences in your city that you haven’t even heard of.
  • Concerts & festivals: Watch your favorite musicians and artists as they perform at some of the most exclusive venues in your city.
  • Drinks & afterwork, nightlife, parties: Dance the night away at some of the city’s hottest nighttime spots.
  • Immersive experiences, pop-up events: See the latest experiences and pop-up events in your city.
  • Cultural, arts & museums: Visit your city’s cultural havens for a tranquil day out.
  • Theater, comedy, shows, & AMC cinemas: Laugh, cry, sing and shout at the best shows and latest movie screenings.
  • Food experiences: Taste the world at a wide variety of gastronomic experiences.
  • Sports: Keep in shape with fitness and workout experiences, as well as sporting activities ranging from football and tennis to bowling and kayaking.
  • Beauty & wellness: Treat yourself to a beauty & wellness experience or test your limits at a fitness or workout class.
  • Courses, workshops, talks: Learn more with interesting courses, talks and workshops.
  • And much more.

What is the Fever Club?

  1. Each time you make a purchase, you will get a cashback bonus of 10%, 15%, or 20% depending on your level.
  2. For example, if you’ve reached gold level and you spend $20, you will get $4 in Fever credit.
  3. There’s no limit to the credit you can have in your wallet.
  4. Plus enjoy other exclusive perks depending on your level.

Fever club generates cashback to your Fever Club wallet for each purchase that you make. The cashback can be used toward future experiences

Fever Club Levels

  • Bronze – 10% Cashback – Unlocks after your 1st purchase. Make at least one purchase every 6 months in order to stay in the Fever Club and keep your credit.
  • Silver – 15% Cashback – Unlocks after your 2nd purchase. Make at least one more purchase in the next 60 days.
  • Gold – 20% Cashback – Unlocks after your 3rd purchase. Make at least one purchase every 60 days in order to keep your Gold status.

How to Use Your Wallet

  1. During the purchase process, tap on the “apply voucher” button next to the total price.
  2. Select your bronze, silver, or gold Fever Club wallet.
  3. After selecting your wallet, a discount will be applied to that total price.

Benefits as a Business

Fever empowers event creators, promoters and venues with a way to connect with potential customers through a live-entertainment discovery platform. With technology and data businesses can showcase their events and take advantage of the unique marketing capabilities, event list creation tools, customer care, payments and reporting capabilities.

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