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Best Places Inside Disneyland to Watch The Fireworks

Among the many attractions in Orange County, Disneyland is one of the most popular. The park is packed with rides, snacks, and a variety of shows so you are sure to have lots of fun no matter where you go.

One of these shows is the Disneyland fireworks. Disneyland fireworks are a sight to behold. The display features vibrant colors and awe-inspiring shapes, all choreographed to an array of musical pieces. There are many places inside Disneyland to watch the fireworks show, and we’re going to share our favorite spots where you can get the best view!

Don’t have a ticket? Here are the Best Places To Watch Disneyland Fireworks outside of Disneyland.

Best Places Inside Disneyland To Watch The Fireworks

What Fireworks Show Is At Disneyland Right Now?

Disneyland has many wonderful firework shows throughout the year, as of the time of writing, Wondrous Journeys is the current firework show running in honor of disney’s 100 year anniversary. This show goes through the past 100 years of animation in a stunning display.

Other firework shows at Disneyland throughout the year include Mickey’s Mix Magic – a firework show that involves all of the main landmarks at the park with projections and lasers – and the holiday showings like Halloween Screams and Believe…In Holiday Magic.

Disneyland Fireworks Schedule

Whenever you are planning your trip, it is a great idea to keep in mind that there is a variation in the schedules for the fireworks at Disneyland depending on the season.

During peak season in the summer, firework shows run nightly. During the off-season, the fireworks are less frequent and weekdays typically have just the projection portion, fireworks subject to change due to park hours or weather. You can check the official website for the most current schedules and show times.

Best Places To Watch The Fireworks In The Parks

Now that you know a little more about what to expect with the fireworks show at Disneyland, let’s take a look at some of the best places inside the parks to watch the wonderful fireworks show.

Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A is the most popular place to watch the fireworks show for a reason, immersing you entirely in the projections along the shops of Main Street, and offering a fantastic view of the sleeping beauty castle, it’s no wonder this is a go-to spot for many.

It is important to get here early, as Main Street USA is often incredibly crowded by the time the fireworks go off. We recommend getting your spot on Main Street at least 25-45 minutes in advance.

It’s A Small World

Something many first time visitors may not know about the Disneyland fireworks is that It’s A Small World has just as many fireworks and projections as the castle does. This spot offers an entirely different experience, so if you’re visiting multiple nights, you should make it a point to check out both vantage points.

This is another place that gets very crowded before the fireworks, and the trees and foliage around can obstruct your view, so if you want the best view possible from this spot, we recommend arriving an hour to an hour and a half early.

Carthay Circle Balcony

If you don’t mind not getting a view of the projections on the castle, this is a fantastic spot for firework viewing. Carthay Circle is located in California Adventure and typically requires reservations, but it’s entirely worth it for this wonderful balcony view.

This option does require a park hopper pass, so keep that in mind when choosing this spot. As mentioned above, reservations are recommended (we recommend a 7:30-8:00pm reservation, so you have time to eat before stepping out to watch the fireworks.)

Rivers Of America

Another popular spot for watching the fireworks within the park is the Rivers of America section. With the projections being displayed onto the water, and fireworks surrounding you, this spot is absolutely incredible.

As it’s one of the three spots in the Disneyland park that shows projections alongside the fireworks, Rivers of America gets very crowded. Like Main Street U.S.A., we recommend you arrive 25-45 minutes early to secure you and your party the best spot possible.

Galaxy’s Edge

For a more unique fireworks viewing experience, Galaxy’s Edge is the perfect spot. This fireworks display is set off just behind galaxy’s edge, so you get an up close view of everything being shot off without the crowds.

Another great part about this spot is that it’s much less crowded than other areas of the park, so you only have to arrive and get your spot a few minutes early! It is important to note however that there is no music or projections in this area, so if you want the full experience, it’s better to go outside of Galaxy’s Edge.

The Hub

There is no question that this is considered one of the best spots to view the Disneyland fireworks, located right in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle, you get the perfect view for everything! This is truly a spot you need to stake out at least once when you visit to get the full experience.

Spots here fill up incredibly quickly, with guests snagging their spots hours in advance. If you want to give yourself enough time to enjoy the rest of the park, but still get a good spot at the hub, we recommend arriving 2 hours early.

The Train Station

If you’re looking for a great view and an opportunity to beat the rest of the crowds leaving, the train station is one of the best spots to be! In addition to the great view of the projections and fireworks, you’ll also have the advantage of being right near the exits, so when the show ends, you will be able to get out ahead of the crowd.

We recommend getting here 25-45 minutes in advance so you can get the best spot. The one consideration to keep in mind with this location is you might miss some of the smaller castle projections, but overall you don’t miss much.

Skyline Terrace

While this is a paid option, we think it’s absolutely worth it if you want one of the best views and a meal! Located right above Star Wars Launch Bay, this package includes dinner, drinks, and dessert for a flat fee.

Many people who have done this also enjoy the activities given for families and younger kids. When you make a reservation, you can choose an arrival time from 6:30-7:00 pm and can come and go as you please before the fireworks. We recommend heading back 15 minutes prior if you decide to hop on a ride before the show.

Other Places On Disney Property To Watch The Fireworks

While we have an article here that lists all of the places where you can watch the fireworks without buying a ticket, we thought it would be useful to highlight some of our favorites that are still on Disney property among these picks.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade is the section between the Disneyland Park and California Adventure, and it is one of the best spots outside the park to see the fireworks. While you won’t see the projection aspect of the show, you often can hear the music from the park playing and get close to the full experience.

This area does get crowded when the fireworks are set to go off, so it is worth arriving here earlier to secure your spot.

The Disneyland Hotels

This spot is the best if you already have a room at any of the Disneyland hotels, but the great thing is that many of these rooms offer a great view of the fireworks while you relax. If you have a concierge room, the Disneyland Hotel and the Grand Californian lounges offer a stunning view of the fireworks.

We recommended heading to the concierge lounge around 15-20 minutes before the fireworks, that way you have enough time to get settled before the show starts. For your balcony, we suggest heading out 5 minutes before the show starts.

Mickey And Friends Parking

One viewing spot on property people may not think of as an option is the Mickey and Friends parking. You can clearly see the fireworks from the top level and you have the added benefit of being right near your car. Similarly to the Esplanade though, music is not piped in here.

We recommend this spot if you’ve already parked at this location and are ready to leave for the evening. If you plan to be here when the fireworks start, we recommend leaving 30 minutes early so you have enough time to account for the tram as well.

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