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Dutch Bros Secret Menu

The Dutch Brothers coffee chain was founded by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma in 1992 in Grants Pass, Oregon, and has been expanding rapidly throughout the country ever since. With the recent announcement of two new locations of the popular coffee chain in Orange County, we want to take a look at some of the best Dutch Bros secret menu drinks you can order.

While some of these secret menu items are shown on the Dutch Brothers website rather than the in-store menu, please note not every ‘Broista’ will know these drinks by name, so it’s best to order by the ingredients.

Future Orange County Dutch Bros Locations

There are two Dutch Bros locations planned for Fountain Valley – one near Floor & Decor (9065 Warner Ave), and one at the Village Center shopping center. A preliminary request for a third location in La Habra has also been submitted.

Dutch Bros Secret Menu

The Dutch Bros Lingo:

Before we get started with the recipes, there are some terms that may be unfamiliar to new customers of Dutch Brothers – so we’ll cover the basics below.


Dutch Brothers version of baristas.


The standard style of drinks at Dutch Brothers, made with half and half instead of milk.

White Coffee

Dutch Brothers light roasted espresso – less acidity and higher caffeine content.


Dutch Brothers branded energy drink. The rebel menu includes Aftershock, Double Rainbro, Electric Berry, Midnight Rebel, Peach and Shark Attack. Additionally, Rebel drinks can be customized, including a sugar free Rebel option.

Star Wars

Half white coffee, half black coffee.


Packet of sugar added between espresso pulls.

Picture Perfect

Chocolate and caramel drizzle around the cup and on top of whipped cream.

Soft Top

Dutch Brothers cold foam, made with a half and half base.

Dutch Bros Secret Menu Items

Dutch Bros highly supports customization of their drinks! You can add extras to any drink you order including:

  • Oat, almond, or coconut milk
  • Extra dub shot
  • Whipped Cream
  • Soft top
  • Syrup
  • Sauce

Christmas Morning Chai

This festive drink can be enjoyed hot or iced, but it’s a great drink throughout the year, no matter what the occasion may be! The mix of a dirty chai with just the right amount of sweetness is an absolutely delicious sip.

Getting this drink is as simple as ordering a white chocolate breve and adding a shot of chai tea to it.

The Fleck

With its perfect blend of nutty flavors, the fleck is the perfect way to start your day off right. A delicious combination of hazelnut, coconut, and white chocolate, this is sure to become your go-to order at Dutch Brothers once you try it.

To order this, ask for a breve with white chocolate, coconut, and hazelnut syrup. This drink can be ordered hot or iced and is delicious with some whipped cream on top!

Bob Marley

There is nothing better than this tropical inspired drink on a hot summer day to cool you down. This milkshake is bursting with plenty of flavor and a must-try for any Dutch Brothers fan!

While this is a popular drink that your broista will likely know by name, the best way to order this is by asking for a cocomo with a banana blended in.

The Nutty Irishman

There is one drink that many Dutch Brothers fans can’t seem to get enough of, and that is the Nutty Irishman. This drink is deliciously decadent, with a sweet taste of hazelnuts and Irish cream.

To order this, you can ask for the Nutty Irishman, or ask for a breve with irish cream syrup, hazelnut syrup, and your milk of choice.

Pineapple Cloud

There’s nothing like the taste of the tropics in the pineapple cloud rebel. This drink is perfect for the long summer days with its great fruity flavors and the extra kick of caffeine that comes with the rebel base.

To order this, ask for a pomegranate rebel with pineapple float and coconut juice double blended, and topped with a strawberry soft top.

Fireball Shot

This is a very simple addition to any drink that you want to add an extra kick to. While not containing any actual fireball, this cinnamony espresso shot is the perfect pick-me-up.

When you want a fireball shot, ask for a Cubano double shot that has cinnamon added between pulls.

Raspberry Truffle Mocha

If you are looking for a truly decadent and rich treat, this mocha is the perfect choice for you. Taking a sip of this beverage will make you feel as if you are in a luxury candy shop. The english toffee in this also adds a complex flavor that is absolutely mouthwatering.

To order this, ask for a mocha with raspberry syrup, white chocolate sauce, english toffee syrup, and your choice of milk. You can get this delicious drink either hot or iced.

White Coffee S’mores Breve

As the name suggests, this breve is complete with a flavor that evokes the wonderful summer nights of your childhood filled with ooey-gooey s’mores. The white coffee also helps give it an incredibly smooth taste.

To order this, ask for a breve with black sugar syrup, cinnamon syrup, chocolate macadamia syrup, and both white and dark chocolate sauce. This can be ordered hot or iced.

Toasted Mellow Mocha

Although toasted mellow is a popular flavor in a number of Dutch Brothers’ drinks, it is especially delicious in their mocha drink. With chocolate macadamia nut syrup and vanilla, the flavors are rounded out perfectly in this drink.

Dirty Caterpillar

Adding caramel to Dutch Brothers green apple smoothie is a delicious sweet treat that tastes just like a caramel apple, making it the perfect sweet treat for any occasion.

Ordering this is incredibly easy, as all you need to do is ask for a caramel addition added to your smoothie.

Strawberry-Topped French Toast

The strawberry syrup in this drink adds just the right amount of sweetness to a classic Dutch Brothers drink, giving it a delightful twist. Despite being available iced, we think it’s absolutely perfect served hot.

To order this ask for your preferred drink as a french toast, and add strawberry syrup. This drink can also be made with other inclusions like blueberry, coconut, or hazelnut.


There is nothing better than an AngelFire when you are looking for a delightfully sweet drink that has a touch of spice. Taking the white angel base of white chocolate, coconut, and vanilla, and adding a touch of cinnamon, makes this drink pure bliss as it’s incredibly rich and creamy.

To order this, ask for a white angel latte, with fireball shots, and a soft top. If you want some extra spice beyond what the fireball shots offer, you can even ask for some cinnamon syrup to be added.

Rebel Secret Menu

Unicorn Blood Rebel

Whether you’re tired from a long day or simply need an energy boost, you’re going to love this irresistible rebel. Featuring strawberry, almond, and white chocolate sauce, this drink is truly magical.

This was an item previously featured on the menu, but if your Broista doesn’t know it by name, ask for a rebel base, strawberry syrup, almond syrup, and white chocolate sauce in whatever size you’d like.

Strawberry Coconut Milk Rebel

This rebel is a delightfully refreshing treat on a hot day, incredibly reminiscent of starbucks’ Pink Drink. Having a drink like this is exactly what you need if you want something fruity and perfect for the summer time.

To order this, ask for an extra thick blended strawberry rebel with coconut milk. The creator of this recipe also notes that it tastes great with a lavender inclusion.

Fun Dip Rebel

Another drink reminiscent of childhood memories, this rebel is the perfectly sugary combination you know and love. The blue raspberry adds the perfectly sweet and tart touch that rounds out this incredible drink.

To order this, ask for a blended strawberry kiwi rebel with a blue raspberry drizzle.

More Rebel Secret Drinks

  • Kiwi Apple: Kiwi and green apple blended.
  • Strawberry Coconut: Strawberry and coconut blended Rebel soft top parfait style.
  • Holly Jolly Strawberry: Strawberry (Pomegranate + Rebel Energy Drink + Soft Top + Green Sprinkles).
  • Vampire Slayer Rebel: Rebel with strawberry and pomegranate syrups.
  • Double Rainbro: Rebel energy drink with strawberry, peach, and coconut syrups.
  • Gummy Bear Rebel: – Blue Rebel energy drink with white chocolate, kiwis, and lime.
  • Red, White & Blue: This 4th of July drink is made with Rebel, raspberry, blue raspberry, and white chocolate syrups and sauces.
  • Sweet Sunrise: Rebel plus peach, passion fruit, orange, and banana syrups.

More Dutch Bros Secret Menu Orders & Ordering Hacks

Coffee Drinks

  • Ba-Nay-Nay – Dark chocolate and banana mocha
  • Birthday Cake – Almond roca and white chocolate syrups, topped with sprinkles
  • Cinnamon Roll – Cinnamon and white chocolate syrups
  • Cotton Candy Frost – White chocolate and blue raspberry
  • Cookie Monster – Chocolate macadamia nut and chocolate syrups
  • Dutch Canyon – White Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut syrups and a caramel drizzle
  • Horchata – Cinnamon, caramel, and white chocolate syrups
  • Islander – Chocolate macadamia nut, vanilla, and coconut syrups
  • White Coffee Cookie – Breve with white chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and white espresso
  • Orangesicle – Orange and vanilla syrups
  • Ninja – Breve with espresso, creme de menthe, and white chocolate mocha

Rebel Drinks, Teas, Sodas, Lemonades, & Frosts

  • Aftershock – Adds strawberry, lime, blackberry, and red raspberry syrup
  • Bubblegum – Adds banana, vanilla, and strawberry syrup
  • Dinosaur Egg – Blue raspberry syrup and unicorn blood drizzle
  • Galaxy Fish – Passion fruit, lime, and strawberry syrups
  • Bugatti Berry – Grapefruit and blackberry syrup
  • Electric Berry Green Tea – Green tea, lime, and blue raspberry
  • Dutch Mojito – Coconut, crememde menthe, and lime syrup
  • Green Monster – Kiwi, lime, and creme de menthe syrups
  • Fire Lizard – Banana, orange, and strawberry syrup
  • Freedom – Vanilla syrup with blue raspberry and red raspberry drizzle
  • Hyperchrome – Orange, passionfruit, and pomegranate syrups
  • Kings Of Leon – Kiwi, orange, and lime syrups
  • Laser Cat – Coconut and red raspberry syrups
  • Majestic Forest – Blackberry, blue raspberry, and kiwi syrups
  • Ocean Water – Blue raspberry, coconut, and lime syrups

Dutch Bros Syrup Flavors: almond (orgeat), almond roca, banana, blackberry, blue raspberry, cane sugar syrup, chocolate macadamia nut, cinnamon, coconut, creme de menthe, hazelnut, irish cream, kiwi, lime, orange, passionfruit, peach, pomegranate, red raspberry, ruby red grapefruit, salted caramel, strawberry, vanilla, watermelon, pineapple, white chocolate, chocolate and caramel

Sugar Free Syrup Flavors: White chocolate, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut, hazelnut, irish cream, coconut, raspberry, peach and strawberry

Dutch Bros Classics Drinks to Order By Name: Kicker, Caramelizer, Annihilator, Cocomo, Double Torture, 9-1-1, Golden Eagle

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Dutch Bros FAQs

Does Dutch Bros have their own coffee?
Yes, Dutch Bros has their own private reserve coffee. It can be purchased in single serve cups/pods, in a 1-pound bag, and in a 12 ounce can. Available in Regular and decaf.

When was Dutch Bros founded?
Dutch Bros started in 1992 in Grants Pass, Oregon as a pushcart by the railroad tracks. The company was started by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma. The company’s headquarters is located in Grants Pass.

What is Dutch Bros mission to make a difference One Cup At A Time?
Beginning in 2006, Dutch Bros committed to company-wide give-backs to support local communities through programs like Dutch Luv, Drink One for Dane, and Buck For Kids.

Does Dutch Bros serve food?
Most Dutch Bros locations have a limited menu of snack and pastry style foods including muffin tops and granola bars. No other foods are served.

What beverages does Dutch Bros serve?
Dutch Bros serves hot and iced coffee, Rebel energy drinks, frozen drinks, smoothies, lemonades, tea, Dutch soda, and cocoa.

What are Dutch Bros hours?
Dutch Bros hours vary by location. Some open as early as 4am and some are open 24 hours. Many are open 5am-11pm.

Is Dutch Bros open on holidays?
Dutch Bros is open on most major holidays but may have reduced hours on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hours vary by location.

Does Dutch Bros have a rewards program?
Sign up for the Dutch Bros app available for Apple and Android. Earn rewards through the app like points to earn free drinks and other exclusive offers.

Does Dutch Bros have gift cards?
Yes, Dutch Bros has gift cards available for purchase. You can check the balance of your gift card online.

What are Dutch Bros monthly stickers?
Dutch Bros releases a limited time sticker of the month. They are not sold online and can be picked up at your local Dutch Bros location. You can also collect App stickers if you have the Dutch Bros app. New stickers are dropped on the first Wednesday of the month.

Does Dutch Bros deliver?
You can order Dutch Bros delivered by using a third party food delivery app, where available, like GrubHub and UberEats.

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