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Cheat Day Land – Pop-Up Museum

Cheat Day Land Pop-Up Museum

Note: This event location is currently closed

Cheat Day Land is an interactive pop-up museum for people who share a love for food, art and really cool instagrammable photos and videos. Capitalizing on both the Instagram-Ready art attractions and the food “museum” phenomenon, Cheat Day Land is a place where kids and adults can release their inner child.

Table of Contents
Exhibit DetailsAbout the Exhibit
Pop-up HighlightsPhoto/Video Tips
CLD OriginsCheat Land Day Reviews

Cheat Day Land Details

Cheat Day Land Website
Purchase Tickets (private events can be booked)
Both Goldstar and Groupon have offered coupons previously; Searching “Cheat Day Land Coupon” should show any active deals.

Cheat Day Land Irvine Address
Irvine Spectrum Center
700 Spectrum Center Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618

Sunday-Thursday: 10am-9pm (Last Ticket Slot 8pm)
Friday-Saturday: 10am-10pm (Last Ticket Slot 9pm)
Duration: About 60 – 90 minutes

Entrance: Enter from the Habana parking lot side. The museum is surrounded by the Habana lot, Habana restaurant, Chipotle and Barnes & Noble.
Parking: The Habana lot is the closest parking but the Edwards parking deck, Edwards lot and H & M lot are all short walks.

New Locations Being Added: New York – Miami – San Francisco

About the Pop-Up Exhibit

A “Cheat Day Specialist” will walk you through the story land of exhibits and installations. They are a great resource for photo taking tips and will even help you capture that perfect Instagram moment. You will be led through several exhibit halls with more than enough time to explore and take photos.

Highlights Include

  • Lots of scattered wall art, slogans and props to get creative with your photos.
  • A trampoline set against pancake art (video tip: slow motion video jumping)
  • Olympic weight bar with donuts (photo tip: use a struggling expression)
  • Giant hamburger fries and soda (photo tip: pretend to drink from soda)
  • Miniature city (photo/video tips: create tall illusion by taking photo from ground; Use time lapse with people walking through city)
  • A gold flake pit (video tip: slow motion video throwing flakes)
  • Donut swing, a la a tire swing (video tip: slow motion video swinging)
  • Donut box art (photo tip: sitting against the art will create the illusion that you’re in the box)
  • Flexing strong arms with a donut in hand (photo tip: pretend to eat the donut while posing)
  • Massive cereal bowl (photo tip: spell something with the letters)
  • Movie Theatre art
  • Chocolate room with…hold for it…chocolate art
  • Giant poop emoji with a slide through it
  • Giant food tower that you’ll just need to check out for yourself to see what it’s all about

Upon conclusion of the exhibit visitors are treated to Cheat Day desserts which varies but can include Oreos, mini cupcakes, coffee, and fruit popsicles (dairy and nondairy options). The best part is you don’t have to decide, you can have them all!

While you’re having a treat(s) be sure to check out the gift shop with many Cheat Day food items such as an oversized hamburger and fries plus many other smaller items for souvenirs.

Pop-Up Museum Tips for Great Photos & Videos

  1. Check out Cheat Day Land’s Instagram profile or search by the hashtag #cheatdayland for great ideas before you go.
  2. Ask your “Cheat Day Specialist” for tips.
  3. Use Different Photo/Video Settings:
    • Boomerang – Perfect for taking a super short, super fast burst of photos that is automatically stitched into a mini video that plays forward and backward and forward and so on. Be sure to download the app before you go.
    • Slow Motion – Anything that moves or changes quickly is perfect for time lapse.
    • Time Lapse – Just the opposite, anything that moves or changes slowly is perfect for time lapse.
    • Burst Mode – Capture multi-shot sequences. This feature is great for action or even smiles and laughter.
    • Grid Feature – The camera grid divides the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically. This simplifies framing photos and makes it easy to snap interesting shots. In the iPhone got to Settings > Camera and turn on grid.
    • Zoom Feature – Use the zoom feature to make something that’s far away seem close by.
  4. What to Wear:
    • Choose neutral or muted clothing – Subdued colors, solids, and muted prints work well. Avoid logos and patterns. A pop of color with a subdued outfit works too.
    • Don’t forget about the shoes.
    • Match the museum, fit your clothing style to your location.
    • Coordinate outfits with family and friends for great group pictures.
  5. Capture different camera angles – Use your camera to explore many perspectives, like overhead, down low, straight on, close up, and far away.
  6. Hold Your Phone Horizontally.
  7. Use a real camera.
  8. Try these Photo Apps:
    1. Snapseed – Snapseed is a professional-grade photo editing app designed by Google. Completely free to download and use!
    2. Afterlight 2 – All-purpose photo editing with additional creative options including built-in filters, frames and local adjustments.
    3. PicsArt – Very accessible yet powerful photo editing and collaging tool that strikes a nice balance between creative control and fun.
    4. VSCO (free with optional in-app purchases) – A photo editing app that lets you edit with a variety of mobile presets and tools.
  9. Suggested Hashtags: #burger, #cheatday, #cheatdayeats, #cheatdayland, #donutgrowup, #donutparty, #donuts, #donutworry, #foodie, #foodmuseum, #foodphotography, #foodpics, #foodpopup, #foodstagram, #fries, #instagrammable, #interactivemuseum, #museumadventures, #popupexhibition, #popupinstallation, #popupmuseums
    Plus local hashtag terms like the city

Cheat Day Land Origins

The concept of the museum comes from Rubi Rymenmy, founder and creative director. Rubi was inspired by Japan’s interactive museums to mix immersive art with all of her favorite “Cheat Day” foods. Her family owns Art Flying Aerial fitness studio, an aerial and circus school.

Monique McArthur
Monique McArthur is a mother of two, writer, and creator of delicious recipes. In her spare time she enjoys exploring all that Orange County has to offer, traveling, shopping, running with her dogs and spending time with family.