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Moon Phase Calendar 2023-2024 – Lunar Calendar

Here is the 2023 and 2024 moon phase calendar for the four main moon phases which are in order: the New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and the Last Quarter Moon. The moon goes through a series of phases, which repeat about every 29.53 days.

Moon phases are caused by the relative positions of the Moon, Earth, and Sun, and can have significant cultural, religious, and scientific importance. Moon phases also affect ocean tides where Full or New Moons, result in more pronounced tides. High and low tides impact ocean waves, fishing, and ocean animal behavior such as feeding, communication, mating, and spawning events.

Moon Phase Calendar - Lunar Calendar

2023 Moon Phases

New MoonFirst QuarterFull QuarterLast Quarter

All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

2023 Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon DateNative American Name
January 6thWolf Moon
February 5thSnow Moon
March 7thWorm Moon
April 5thPink Moon
May 5thFlower Moon
June 3rdStrawberry Moon
July 3rdBuck Moon
August 1stSturgeon Moon
August 30thBlue Moon
September 29thHarvest Moon
October 28thHunter’s Moon
November 27thBeaver Moon
December 26thCold Moon

2023 Special Moon Events

  • Micro Full Moon: January 6
  • Super New Moon: January 21
  • Micro Full Moon: February 5
  • Super New Moon: February 19
  • Supermoon: August 1
  • Micro New Moon: August 16
  • Blue Moon: August 30
  • Super Full Moon: August 30

2024 Moon Phases

New MoonFirst QuarterFull QuarterLast Quarter

All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

2024 Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon DateNative American Name
January 25thWolf Moon
February 24thSnow Moon
March 25thWorm Moon
April 23rdPink Moon
May 23rdFlower Moon
June 21stStrawberry Moon
July 21stDeer or Buck Moon
August 19thSturgeon Moon
August 30thBlue Moon
September 17thHarvest Moon
October 17thHunter’s Moon
November 15thBeaver Moon
December 15thCold Moon

2024 Special Moon Events

  • Super New Moon: February 9
  • Micro Full Moon: February 24
  • Super New Moon: March 8
  • Micro Full Moon: March 25
  • Supermoon: April 8
  • Micro New Moon: October 2
  • Blue Moon: August 19

Moon Phase Glossary

Blue Moon — A term used to describe the second full moon in a calendar month that has two full moons. A blue moon is a relatively rare event, occurring about once every two to three years on average. Hence the saying “Once in a Blue Moon.”

First Quarter Moon — During this phase of the Moon fifty percent of it is illuminated and visible from the Earth. It occurs after the Crescent phase and before the Waxing Gibbous phase.

Full Moon — During this phase of the Moon it is entirely illuminated and visible from the Earth. The Moon is opposite the Sun in this phase, with the Earth in between.

Micro New Moon — A micro new moon occurs when a new moon coincides with apogee, its farthest point from Earth in its orbit. This means that the Moon appears smaller and dimmer in the sky than it usually does, and can be difficult to see.

Supermoon — A supermoon is the opposite of a Micro New Moon or a new moon that occurs when the Moon is at its closest approach to Earth in its orbit (perigee). This means that the Moon appears larger and brighter in the sky than it usually does.

Solar Eclipse — A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes directly in front of the sun for some observers on Earth. The moon is always in its New Moon phase during a solar eclipse

Neap Tides — During the moon’s quarter phases the tides have the lowest high tide and the highest low tide.

Spring Tides — When the moon is at its full or new moon phase, high tides are at their highest. When these are especially high, they are sometimes called King Tides.

Moon Phases Order

There are 8 Moon phases of a lunar month that are divided into four primary and four intermediate (waxing and waning) Moon phases:

  1. New Moon
  2. Waxing Crescent Moon
  3. First Quarter Moon
  4. Waxing Gibbous Moon
  5. Full Moon
  6. Waning Gibbous Moon
  7. Third Quarter Moon
  8. Waning Crescent Moon

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