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McDonald’s Secret Menu 2023

The McDonald’s Menu these days is pretty straight forward. They have a regular selection of sandwiches and nuggets with a few extras and some new items that occasionally rotate in and out of the menu. We all love the good ol’ McChicken and the Big Mac. But when you get tired of the standards, or want to try something different, what can you do? Enter the McDonald’s Secret Menu. Here are a few items you can get if you know how to order it.

Keep in mind that most of these items are modifications of regular menu items, and most McDonald’s employees may not know what you’re talking about if you order it by name. Use these menu hacks to make your own secret menu.

McDonald's Secret Menu Items

Poor Man’s Big Mac

You can make yourself a smaller version of the McDonald’s Big Mac with this order hack.

How To Order It: Ask for a double cheeseburger no sauce, add lettuce and big mac sauce.

Land, Sea, & Air Burger

This is a combo burger that really pushes the limit. Order a McChicken, Filet O’ Fish and a cheeseburger and put all the patties onto one burger. All the best in one bite!

Big McChicken or McChicken Big Mac

If you thought Land, Sea, & Air was big, check out the Big McChicken. Order 2 or 3 McChicken sandwiches and a Big Mac, then add the chicken patties to the Big Mac. If you order three McChickens, you can remove the buns from the Big Mac and use the chicken patties as buns for the burger. Is that considered low carb?

Bababooey Burger

For this one, just order a McDouble and a McChicken, and put the McChicken (bun and all) in between the two burger patties.

Big Mac & Cheese

Going meat free? Ask for a Big Mac, no meat. This veggie mac may end up being the same price as the regular Mac, but this is a good vegetarian option. If you want a cheaper order, you can order a cheeseburger no meat. It’s smaller, but you can swap out the condiments that you like best.

Hash Brown McMuffin

Who needs a bun when you’ve got hash browns? For any breakfast sandwich, if you get a combo, just add an extra hashbrown (because the combo comes with one). Or you can just order the sandwich and two hashbrowns. Toss the buns and replace them with your hashbrowns. You can do this with any breakfast sandwich! You can also opt to keep the buns and put the hashbrown in the middle.

Loaded Breakfast Burrito

If you’re like me, you like your breakfast burrito with everything. Order a sausage burrito, a hash brown, and a side of bacon. Add your hashbrown and bacon to the burrito and re-roll it and boom! Breakfast of champions.

Mc10:35 Burger

Like the brunch burger below, you’ll have to get your timing right for this one. Order an Egg McMuffin and a McDouble, then use the english muffins as buns and put the contents of both sandwiches between the two ends for the best of both meals.

McBrunch Burger

You’ll have to get your timing right for this one. Right before the switch from breakfast to lunch. They may make both for you if the timing is right, or you may have to get back in line to get lunch. Here’s what you need: Ask for one round egg, one hash brown, and one cheeseburger. Add the egg and the hashbrown to your cheeseburger and you’ve got the perfect brunch.


Yes, this really is a thing and we think it’s called a McGangBang as way to get more bang for your buck. Simply order a McDouble Burger and a McChicken Sandwich and place the McChicken inside the double cheeseburger.

Hot Cake McTacos

Order a Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, a side of bacon, a side of cheese, and an extra side of eggs, layer the cheese, sausage, bacon, eggs, and hash browns on the hot cakes and fold into tacos. This is going to be your new favorite breakfast after a night out.

Chicken & “Waffles”

Order a chicken McGriddle and ask for a side of maple syrup and a side of Buffalo Sauce. Add the sauce to your sandwich and voila!

Chicken Big Mac

You might find your local McDonald’s testing this one out, and you may be able to ask them to make it for you. Just request a Big Mac with McChicken patties instead of beef. If they won’t do it for you, order two McChickens, a slice of cheese, and a side of Big Mac Sauce. Get rid of one of the buns and combine the two sandwiches into one and add the cheese and sauce.

Surf & Turf Burger

You can get this one when McDonald’s has their Filet O’ Fish Sandwich. Just order a filet O’ Fish and a cheeseburger. Just add the fish filet to the cheeseburger and you’re in business.

Monster Mac

A Monster Mac is a Big Mac with eight, yes eight patties. Just order a Big Mac, and a few extra plain patties and add them to your sandwich. Really though, you can add as many patties as you’d like to this one.

Fries With Big Mac Sauce

Yes, you can order a side of Big Mac sauce – then just dip those fries in. It’s delish.

Nuggs & Sauce

Can’t get enough of that Big Mac Sauce? Order chicken McNuggets and a side of Big Mac sauce for dipping.

Orange Dreamsicle

For this sweet treat order a small orange drink and a plain vanilla soft serve. You can either pour some orange drink on the soft serve or turn it into a float and add the soft serve to the orange drink.

Apple Pie McFlurry

Some locations will do this for you, but you may have to do it yourself to get this goodie. Order a plain McFlurry and ask for an apple pie mixed in. If they won’t mix it for you, just order both, and crumble the apple pie into the McFlurry yourself.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Just order two cookies and your choice of ice cream to make your custom sandwich. You can use plain soft serve, or like a popular TikTok user, you can go for the Oreo McFlurry inside. If you want to make sure your sandwich stays together, assemble it, then pop it in the freezer for a bit to let the ice cream harden.

Cinnamon Melt A La Mode

For this easy dessert, just order a vanilla soft serve and a cinnamon roll, then put your ice cream on top of the roll.

Caramel Apple Sundae

Order a side of apples and a regular hot caramel sundae. Add the apples to your sundae and you’ve got an awesome dessert.


This is an easy one. Order a vanilla soft serve or a vanilla shake, then order an espresso shot and mix them together for a delicious coffee drink. If you mix the espresso into your vanilla shake, it’s just like a coffee milkshake.

Shamrock Iced Coffee

You can only get this one when they have the Shamrock Shake – just ask for an iced coffee with 1 to 2 pumps of mint mocha syrup.

Snickers Coffee

If you want a Snickers in drink form, try this combo. Ask for an Iced Hazelnut Coffee with 2 pumps caramel drizzle, 1 pump chocolate syrup, 1 pump of chocolate caramel syrup, and top it with whipped cream.

McMilk Tea

Order a large sweet tea and ask for 3 to 7 coffee creamers and add them to your tea. Cheap and easy!

McLeprechaun Shake

This one is only available when Shamrock Shakes are out. Order a small chocolate shake and a small shamrock shake, and ask for an empty medium cup. Mix the two shakes together in equal amounts and you’ve got a delicious mint chocolate milk shake.

Cotton Candy Soda

This is an easy one that one TikTok user swears tastes just like cotton candy. Just order a sprite and ask for two pumps of french vanilla syrup.

Root Beer Float

Everyone loves a good Root Beer Float and this classic and fun drink can be enjoyed at McDonald’s by simply ordering a Root Beer Float and if that doesn’t work just ask for some ice cream in your root beer.

McDonald’s Menu Hacks

  • Order a hashbrown to add to any sandwich
  • Add egg to any breakfast sandwich
  • Add bacon, canadian bacon, or sausage to any breakfast sandwich
  • Order a plain hamburger patty or chicken patty to add to any sandwich
  • Add pickles to your McChicken (it’s better than the crispy chicken sandwich)
  • Ask for Spicy Pepper Sauce on any sandwich or as a side to dip your fries or nuggets
  • Add Big Mac Sauce to any sandwich or order as a side for dipping
  • Add bacon to any burger or chicken sandwich
  • You can order patties by themselves – beef, chicken, and fish (when available)
  • Ask for any sauce to add to your sandwich or for dipping: BBQ, Spicy Buffalo, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey, or Sweet N Sour

Menu Items McDonald’s Does Not Serve

Alcohol, Bagels, Beer, Cherry Coke, Chicken Wings, Coke Zero, Donuts, Icees, Jalapenos, Lemonade, Nachos, Noodles, Onion Rings, Parfaits, Pepsi, Pizza, Salads, Smoothies, Snack Wraps, Soup, Spicy Nuggets, Vegan Nuggets, Waffle Fries, Waffles, Wine, Yogurt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is McDonald’s Open During Holidays?
Most McDonald’s locations are open year around including Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Select locations may be closed.

What time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast?
McDonald’s breakfast hours may vary by location but they typically serve breakfast between 5:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. and some keep serving until 11:00 a.m.

Does McDonald’s serve breakfast all day?
McDonald’s does not serve breakfast all day but some locations do offer a very limited all-day breakfast menu.

Does McDonald’s serve fries in the morning?
McDonald’s does not serve fries during breakfast hours which for most locations is 5:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Does McDonald’s serve lunch all day?
McDonald’s does not serve lunch all day. Most McDonald’s locations start serving lunch at 10:30 a.m. You cannot order most lunch menu items during McDonald’s breakfast hours.

Is there an app for McDonald’s?
McDonald’s has an app on Apple and the Google Play store where you can order online, earn reward points and receive exclusive rewards and special offers.

Can you order McDonald’s online?
You can order pickup through and their app or order delivery through many popular meal delivery apps such as UberEats and DoorDash.

Does McDonalds take EBT?
Most McDonald’s establishments do not accept EBT payments. A limited number of McDonald’s locations participate in the EBT Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) and are able to accept EBT as a form of payment.

Does McDonald’s have gift cards?
McDonald’s offers physical gift cards called the Arch Card, both in store and online. These cards are also reloadable.

Does McDonald’s serve hot chocolate?
McDonald’s does serve hot chocolate.

Does McDonald’s have salads?
McDonald’s does not serve salads at almost all locations in the United States. McDonald’s stopped serving salads in 2020.

Does McDonald’s have spicy nuggets?
McDonald’s does not serve spicy nuggets but you can order spicy buffalo sauce with your nuggets.

Does McDonald’s have veggie burgers?
McDonald’s serves a plant-based patty called the McPlant.

Does McDonalds have Coke Zero?
McDonald’s does not serve Coke Zero, only Coke and Diet Coke.

Does McDonald’s have Wings?
McDonald’s does not serve chicken wings on their regular menu. They have in the past served wings that were called Mighty Wings.

Is McDonald’s Halal?
The menu items served in McDonald’s are not specifically Halal certified.

Is McDonald’s Kosher?
The menu items served in McDonald’s are not specifically kosher certified.

Does McDonald’s have wi-fi?
McDonald’s does offer free wi-fi at most locations.

What are McDonald’s burgers made of?
McDonald’s burgers are 100% ground with salt and pepper added while they are being cooked.

When was McDonald’s founded?
The McDonald’s brothers opened the first McDonald’s on April 15, 1955 in San Bernardino, CA.

What is the oldest McDonald’s?
The oldest McDonald’s still opened today is on Lakewood Boulevard in Downey, CA and opened on August 18, 1953.

Who owns McDonald’s?
McDonald’s is a publicly traded company where the majority of ownership is comprised of institutional investors.

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