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Los Angeles COVID Travel Restrictions

Are you traveling to or from Los Angeles and need to know L.A. COVID travel restrictions? When you review city government official sites, you’ll see a notification that Los Angeles is “open for business” and advice on following CDC guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

Flying To And From Los Angeles

Los Angeles Covid Travel Restrictions

If you are flying to or from the area via LAX, be advised that Los Angeles requires all traveling to or from the area from out of state or out of country to complete an online form, “acknowledging that they have read and understood the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Travel guidance”.

At press time, all over the age of 18 who are traveling must submit the form online before or on arrival into Los Angeles International Airport. You are also required to submit this form if traveling via Union Station or Van Nuys Airport.

In LAX and other transportation hubs, you will be “encouraged” to socially distance while in ticket lines, going through security screenings, while congregating in the secure area, etc. The official word from LAX is that this responsibility is entrusted to the traveler but there is no legal mandate to socially distance. LAX encourages it with the following advice:

  • Try to keep a six feet or two meter distance from your fellow travelers and transportation employees.
  • Avoid traveling in crowded elevators (with more than three people) where possible.
  • Try to be accommodating to family groups who may be traveling in larger numbers.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued orders that include, but are not limited to, the following requirements:

Travel To Los Angeles From Outside The United States

In January of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began requiring a negative COVID-19 test for all arriving in the United States from another country. Air passengers are required to obtain a negative viral test three days prior to travel AND have documentation to prove vaccination status or negative COVID test.

Under the CDC rules, your airline is required to confirm a negative COVID test prior to boarding. There are no exceptions–those who refuse are denied access to air travel.

Mandatory Face Masks In Los Angeles

Face masks are required for all, vaccinated or not, in places that include public transportation such as planes, trains, boats, ferries, taxi services and ride-sharing services, ports, hubs, and any other transportation option.

Masks are required indoors in all care and education settings. They are also required in state facilities, and indoor businesses. There is also a mask recommendation for higher protection in “mega events” where social distancing may not be possible.

In December 2021, the state of California reinstated a mask mandate for ALL indoor areas whether vaccinated or not. The mask mandate will remain in effect until further notice.

There are safety and medical exceptions for the Los Angeles mask mandate, but otherwise the mask issue is non-negotiable for public safety’s sake. No mask prohibitions are permitted.

Los Angeles Policy On Mega Events

If you are traveling to the area to attend what is termed as a “mega event” such as an outdoor festival or concert with more than 10,000 people, be advised that Los Angeles has specific requirements and travel restrictions in place.

L.A. policy as of October 7, 2021 requires all 12 and over attending such a “mega event” or “outdoor mega event” must show proof of “full vaccination against COVID-19” or a “pre-entry” negative diagnostic test result.

The regulations for this are clear–venue officials cannot “take your word for it” about vaccination status or test results. You must show PROOF to be permitted to enter.

On October 7, 2021, all Los Angeles indoor venues including bars, restaurants, and clubs must verify vaccination status for ALL customers AND employees.

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