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Flame Broiler Secret Menu

Flame Broiler is an absolutely delicious restaurant chain with locations all throughout the southwest, they offer a variety of bowls and plates with a Korean flair. Flame Broiler was founded in 1995 in Southern California and has since expanded to various locations across the Southwest. The menu is full of delicious and healthy options, with customizable bowls and plates to suit any craving.

In spite of the fact that there is no formal Flame Broiler secret menu, we have gathered a few of the best tips you can find on social media to make your meal at Flame Broiler something that you will never forget.

Flame Broiler Secret Menu

Flame Broiler History

After immigrating to the US from South Korea in 1972, Young Lee found that it was hard to come by healthy and affordable restaurants, so he decided to start his own. He wanted to create a restaurant that served nutritious and delicious food while also being accessible to everyone.

As Young Lee and his wife were working on the plans to open the new restaurant, they were also working together on what food would be served, and in this process, they created the Simply Magic Sauce that they still serve in restaurants to this day.

Flame Broiler opened its first location in Orange County, California, in 1995, where it presented a fusion of Californian cuisine with a hint of Young Lee’s Korean roots that embodied the essence of Flame Broiler.

Flame Broiler Menu

Before we take a look at the secret menu hacks, let’s first take a look at the regular menu. Flame Broiler offers a variety of healthy options, from chicken to beef to tofu. They also have a variety of side items, such as rice and vegetables.

In addition to the bowls and plates that they offer, you can customize almost any entree to your liking. Whether that’s experimenting with the sauces, toppings, or the base and proteins themselves.

For the base, your options are white or brown rice, veggies, or a cabbage slaw. The types of proteins offered are chicken, angus beef, tofu, and half & half for those who want two different proteins. As of the time of writing, one of the special protein offerings is spicy Korean chicken. We love that Flame broiler offers different portion sizes as well. They have a mini bowl with 3 ounces of protein, a regular bowl with 5 ounces, and a plate with 7 ounces. This makes it easy to choose based on our appetite level. We also love that their tofu is non-GMO organic and the chicken is antibiotic-free.

Lastly is their sauces, which include the aforementioned Simply Magic sauce, their Louisiana style hot sauce, Jalapeño hot sauce, and Seoul Scorcher sauce. Our favorite is the Simply Magic sauce, and Flame Broiler even offers bottles of all their sauces for sale so you can bring extra home with you!

Flame Broiler Secret Menu & Hacks

Now that we’ve taken a look at Flame Broilers regular menu, let’s take a look at some of the popular hacks to take your meal to the next level.

It’s important to note that these offerings vary by location and availibility.

Kimchi Base

For those who like an extra kick to their meal, swapping out a normal base for kimchi is perfect! In addition to the great flavor, kimchi is also a great source of probiotics, so it’s a great way to add some extra nutrition to your meal.

To get this, you can simply ask for your base to be swapped with kimchi instead. You can also ask for this as part of the half and half base you can get.

Extra Protein Bowl

If you want an extra boost of protein in your meal, this hack created by my.getfit on Tik Tok is perfect. Containing 43 grams of protein, this is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to fill their macros. It’s also a great way to add a little extra flavor to your bowl.

To get this extra protein bowl, ask for a regular bowl, with half and half meat of your choice, the veggie base, and three containers of hot sauce. If you want even more protein, you can always ask for some extra meat on the side.

Extra Jalapeños

For those who want a little extra spice in their meal, Flame Broilers hot sauces are not the only way to get the kick you crave. Many locations will have Jalapeños cut up, and are happy to offer them to customers who ask.

This hack is simply just asking if you can get a small container of Jalapeños with your meal.

Avocado Topped

Avocado is a very popular item on many restaurants menus for a reason, the creaminess can balance out spice, and it’s a wonderful source of good fats. Many customers may be delighted to find out that Flame Broiler has jumped on the avocado craze as well!

To get this, you can simply ask for avocado slices on top of your bowl or plate.

Slaw and Veggies

Although the rice and veggie is one of the most popular items for bowls, the crunch of the slaw base is something we really enjoy. The slaw base adds a unique texture and flavor to the bowl. Plus, it’s a healthy, low-calorie choice, especially when combined with the steamed vegetables.

To get this blend for your base, you can simply just ask if you can have a half and half base with slaw and steamed veggies.

Seaweed On The Side

You can pack extra protein into your meal by asking for a side of seaweed. They serve it here at Flame Broiler as well!

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Flame Broiler FAQs

Where was the first Flame Broiler location?
The first location was in Fullerton, California

What is in the Flame Broiler veggie mix?
The veggies are blanched cabbage, carrots, and broccoli with freshly chopped green onions on top.

What is in the Flame Broiler fresh salad/slaw mix?
The fresh salad is a mixture of fresh shredded green and purple cabbage and carrots. There is no dressing, but you can ask for a side of Magic Dressing.

Is Flame Broiler open on holidays?
Flame Broiler is a franchise and store hours vary by location. Most stores are closed or operate with limited hours on holidays such as Christmas Day and Thanksgiving, but hours vary on other holidays.

What time does Flame Broiler open?
Most Flame Broiler locations open at 10:00AM. Some location may not open until 11AM.

What time does Flame Broiler close?
Most Flame Broiler locations close at 9:00PM. Some locations may close as early as 7PM.

Is Flame Broiler open on Sunday?
Most locations are open daily, but some locations do choose to close on Sunday.

Does Flame Broiler have gluten free options?
Yes, Flame Broiler can be ordered gluten free. You can ask for chicken to be prepared with no sauce, and order your meal with salad or fresh veggies.

Does Flame Broiler have an app?
Yes, Flame Broiler has an app available for Android and iOS. You can place orders on the app and earn rewards through the Magic Rewards program.

Does Flame Broiler have gift cards?
Yes, Flame Broiler has gift cards that can be purchased in-store and online. Gift cards are re-loadable at store locations and you can check your gift card balance online or by phone.

Does Flame Broiler serve breakfast?
No, Flame Broiler does not have a breakfast menu.

Does Flame Broiler serve soup?
No, Flame Broiler does not serve soup.

Does Flame Broiler serve dessert?
No, Flame Broiler does not have a dessert menu.

Does Flame Broiler have cauliflower rice?
No, Flame Broiler does not currently offer cauliflower rice.

What beverages are served at Flame Broiler?
Flame Broiler serves fountain drinks and bottled water including Coca Cola products, Vitamin Water, Hi-C, and Gold Peak tea.

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