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Best Backyard Toys

People are ditching the indoors for the backyard and all things outdoor fun. Summer time for a kid is the best…long days by the pool, no homework, and boundless opportunities.

Lucky for us, Orange County weather is perfect for outdoor activities all year. Here are some fun backyard toys to keep the kids busy.

Best Backyard Toys

Magic Carpet/Saucer Swing Set

What kid didn’t want to be able to stand on a backyard swing and be like a superhero or an airplane? This magic carpet swing set allows just that for your kiddo. The magic carpet swing set allows for your little tike to lounge around in a hammock like swing for a little added comfort on your part. The magic carpet swing set can be purchased at Walmart and the Trampoline Part Store. Prices range from $130 to $150 for slightly larger models.

TP Toys has saucer-style swings – and a lot of other fun stuff too!

Ninja Obstacle Course

Turn your backyard (or anywhere) into a Ninja Obstacle Course for the kids to practice their skills and increase their strength. Kits can come with a variety of obstacle elements – some include two or three items, and others are full kits with 10 elements or more. HearthSong has several different kits to choose from. But of course Amazon has an extensive collection of kits to choose from ranging in price so that you can choose the obstacles that best suit your budget.

Monkey Bar Climbing Tower

Monkey bars have stayed pretty consistent throughout the years, minor changes in building material but past that, kids still love them. Climbing towers have changed a little too. What was once a stationery building now comes in an assembly package that’s relatively light weight and can be moved around the yard. Climbing a monkey bar tower is great exercise and builds motor skills. Kids can hang, swing and crawl all over. Home climbing towers come in several formations. You can even find towers with tents at the top and slides attached for a quick dismount. Order one now for your backyard jungle gym for your little one off Amazon.


Kids love having their own little space that they can transform into whatever their imagination inspires. You can get many different styles of playhouses from major retailers like Step2 and Amazon, but the playhouses from CedarWorks are simply amazing.

Slip N’ Slide

Slip N’ Slides are the essential summer time toy for children. Gliding across neon plastic after sprinting from one end of the yard to launch yourself across the grass infested water of the slip n’ slide summed up summer for most children in recent decades. Having that hose water engulf you as you came barreling into the end reservoir was equal parts terrifying as much as it was fun. Slip N’ Slides are classic, but now you can get them with up to three lanes for super-sized fun. Pick one up today on Amazon, the Wham-O Slip N’ Slide website, Walmart, and many others.


There is just something so perfect about a trampoline and a child. Trampolines come in a variety of shapes, sizes and enclosures. These structures can be fun, season-after-season for children of all ages. During the summer, trampolines are great during the day for jumping fun and at night the perfect setting for sleeping under the stars in the comfort of your own backyard. You can pick up trampolines from pretty much anywhere that sells sporting goods, like Walmart, Big 5, TP Toys and Kohl’s, just to name a few.

Zipline Kit

Ziplining is no longer just for the adults on vacation to some exotic island. Now your kids can zip past the trampoline and the pool on the zipline. The zipline can come in numerous sizes from 50 feet, 80 feet, 100 feet or 150 feet to best suit your backyard. Backyard Ziplines has a great collection of heavy duty of kits and accessories as well. Pick up one now for your little ones to enjoy soon.

And more…

It is so important to enjoy the outdoors even if that simply means in the comfort of your own backyard. These backyard toys are perfect for kids of all ages and great to get out there and play in the sun!

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